Welcome to the world of Meier, a planet where dragons rule the land, and pirates rule the sea!

Spring 2016 Campaign Intro

She is returning.

Tiamat, a beast whose name is shrouded in myths and legends, has glimpsed a chance at escape. After The Golden Instruments of Amatti cracked open her eternal prison, the progenitor of all evil dragons is searching, scheming, plotting her return to Meier.

The divinations are all in agreement. The prophecies are clear. Millenia ago, the human civilization of Idiya dedicated itself to defeating Tiamat using magics now lost. If she returns again… it could spell the end of the world as we know it.

This message goes out to the heroes. We need your help. The Emperor refuses to believe in the threat Tiamat poses, claiming he and his army can defend Gard. But he is also getting old. And like most of the most ancient dragons, he considers the myth of “the creator of chromatic dragons” to be a myth. Now it’s up to us.

Join us at my palace in Fachester. Together, we are working on a plan to stop Tiamat from breaking free. It may take you across the world, or even across the planes, but I know we can stop her. If we don’t… everything you’ve worked for may all burn.

Yours in fellowship,
Rehemut, Protector of Chester


In this wiki, you will find a lot of information about the world of Meier and its inhabitants. Please feel free to browse it at your leisure, but know that the backstory is not required reading.

The following pages deal with rules and character options, and you may want to read through them as you make your character. You should also read through our house rules at least once, as they have changed since the previous campaign.

For more on the Pathfinder game in general, see the free Pathfinder System Resource Document.

If you are interested in using this setting for your own fiction or campaign, you are welcome to do so, and I would love to hear from you about it!


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