white dragon, owner of the White Dragon


Aptchi is a white dragon who has lived a very unusual life for one of his kind. Aptchi hatched in 449, making him 28 years old. When he stretches to his full height, he is 5’ 9" tall. His scales are a frosty white. His head is crowned with slender horns, with a thin membrane stretched between them. Unfortunately, his wings are stunted from hatching. One very foolish pirate attempted to hatch Aptchi’s egg by keeping it over hot coals for several days. But white dragon eggs need cold, not heat. The result is that Aptchi’s wings are permanently crippled. He cannot fly.

His egg was taken from Kamto as a valuable curiosity. It traded hands many times before ending up in the care of Johnny Smollen, a dwarven “treasure hunter” based out of Morgan. Because of his perpetual hunger as a wyrmling, the crew of Smollen’s ship kept Aptchi in the galley. By watching the chef, Aptchi soon learned how to cook. He also learned how to use his frost breath to keep perishable food fresh for longer

When Aptchi grew old enough to take care of himself, he joined the crew of the Freewater, becoming ship’s cook. The Freewater crew discovered the lost continent of Freedland, and he chose to stay there. He founded the first inn in Dragonfall, which was immediately named the White Dragon after him. (Aptchi wanted to call it Isepl, which is Draconic for “Inn”. The name didn’t catch on.)

In the years since, the White Dragon inn has become a local favorite. Aptchi’s common room is the best place in town to catch up on local gossip and the news of the day. Its food is commonly known to be the best in town – the best in Freedland, in fact. But Aptchi is not without competitors. While serious travelers, those with the good sense to pick up on what the locals do, know to put in at the White Dragon, common travelers get suckered in by the cheaper taverns near the docks. Furthermore, many of Dragonfall’s Eustan citizens are still smarting over the secession crisis, and don’t like to patronize a dragon-owned establishment. Aptchi needed help. So, he decided to become the first and so far only innkeeper in Dragonfall to boast a house band. And, as certain local lowlifes have threatened to make trouble for the White Dragon, he decided to hire musicians who could not only play, but fight…

For Aptchi’s birth and early life, see here.


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