Banza is a tall man with a greenish tinge to his skin and very large dark green eyes. His neck slouches forward slightly, almost as a bull, under the tension of muscles built from years of pulling a bowstring. His clothing frequently changes, but he is never seen wearing black. A white gold coffin shaped symbol hangs from his neck above a small pouch that from its rumpled shape seems to contain a variety of items.


Recent Bio/Connections:
Now, Banza stands with the ruins of Nursetrail in the distance aside companions he only just met, but knows that he must aid. Appropriate that it is Peace Day, for this group must bring peace. Something has happened here; it must be fixed and stopped from happening again. This unique group is the only one that can do it, but how did they get here.

That story starts few weeks ago. Banza had been traveling in Chester hunting down a pesky gnome who thought it would be a good idea to interrupt Tranquil Day celebrations with loud noises and tricks. (The rules forbidding prosecution during active celebration have since been changed, but then allowed him to get away.) It had been a pain of a hunt, but the gnome was cornered and going to pay for his transgressions. A commotion developed in the streets of Applehunt very near where Banza had cornered the gnome. They were cheering the allying of Chester’s humans to those of Eustace in this revolt that was bubbling in the realms of those who had not welcomed Owendas and the loa into their hearts. This commotion caused enough distraction for the gnome to escape from being cornered, but it was not what stopped Banza from capturing him; it was the owl that appeared that did that. Banza recognized this owl; it was his wife Chwèt. She was supposed to be in Whisperton. How did she even know where to find him? He told her that he would be heading north on council business, but not exactly where he would be. She landed and returned to her human form. “The Syncretic council summoned me, told me where you were and sent me to return with you immediately. Lavni and Prezan have both foreseen the same harrow, and it is centered on you.” said Chwèt.

Chwèt used a scroll to teleport them back to Whisperton, where Banza quickly went to meet with Minister Antonium and the council. Both Lavni and Prezan had turned the same harrow three times in a row. The Dance, The Forge, The Hidden Truth for the past, The Uprising, The Inquisitor, The Keep for the present, The Fiend, The Cyclone, The Avalanche for the future. It signified the order that had held Gard together prior to the humans revolting against the hidden draconic rule; Banza in the center of a new revolt where the draconic strength was not breaking, and an overwhelming disaster of death and destruction to come. They did not yet know how Banza was to be involved in these events to come, but it was obvious that he would play an important role in whatever danger was ahead. Soon the whim of the harrow changed, and it became obvious what Banza’s mission was to be. The Theater of true prophecy and was seen with The Inquisitor and The Owl, with The Trumpet, The Unicorn, The Survivor, The Bear, and The Vision all facing The Fiend, The Cyclone, and The Avalanche. Banza needed to find these others and Chwèt needed to go with him, or else the consequences would be much worse than any of them could imagine.

Banza and Chwèt made their way to Gideon City where they discovered a strange looking woman entertaining at their inn, whose song both delighted and enraged. Introduced as Zari, she was clearly The Trumpet needed. It was obvious that The Unicorn symbolized the renowned peace-broker Lily Sonder, whom they located the next morning. Upon finding her, Banza also easily discovered The Survivor who unsurprisingly was trying his best to keep himself hidden should it have been his assailants looking to finish the job. Soon enough, they were found by The Bear, a mountain of a man who went by Farmer Ash and the Vision a native of the Shadow plane who was even stranger than Zari.


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