Hidden Hoard Enforcer


When in public, Bravo Two usually employs a Hat of Disguise to appear as an unassuming commoner, as per Hidden Hoard regulations.

Underneath the illusion, he wears a loose, dark robe under a customized and enchanted shirt of mithril chain mail. His face is covered by his hood, as well as by a heavily stylized stone mask. On the right cheek of the mask, the draconic symbol for ‘two’ is emblazoned in dark red. His belt appears to indicate rank in some unknown martial art, but also doubles as a utility belt, from which hang pouches containing various tools and more shuriken than one might believe necessary or even possible to carry. The hilts of two razor-sharp wakizashis poke over his shoulders. His heavy boots are worn, but impeccably maintained.

Underneath the armor, Bravo Two is a young adult human male, with features indicating mixed Gardish and Kamese descent. Few have ever seen him without his combat gear, however, as whenever he is invited to remove it he usually grunts something about “protocol” and declines. He has a habit of standing at parade rest when idle, and his odd stillness and poor conversation skills sometimes lead people to forget he is in the room.

This description, of course, assumes that Bravo Two is visible. He usually isn’t.


Special Agent “ Bravo Two” is the scout and support specialist of Bravo Team.

Two’s only memories from before his recruitment by the Hidden Hoard are jumbled recollections of homelessness and poverty in the city of Triton in Chester. He cannot recall his birth name, or indeed if he ever had one. His earliest concrete memory is of meeting a strange man shrouded from head to toe in black and wearing a stone mask – the leader of Bravo Team, Bravo One. He was asked if he’d like to be strong. He did, very much.

Once recruited, Two spent his youth mostly in the Hidden Hoard’s secret compound in Maxow, training under One as well as various other combat instructors affiliated with the Hoard. He was a natural at stealth and acrobatics from the start, leading to his role as the team’s infiltration specialist. He often made a game of pickpocketing wealthy Gardishmen and depositing his winnings in the pockets of commoners, until One found out. He also showed excellent instincts for fighting with a partner, and later would often use his wakizashis to leave an opening for One to deliver the killing blow in the field. A certifiable perfectionist, he often practiced his skills by entering Maxow’s infamous street fighting tournaments under an assumed name, a hobby he still keeps to this day when not on mission. He usually throws the fight after a few victories so as to avoid unwanted attention, but one of the very few dreams he will admit to having is to one day take first prize.

Two honed his skills for several years, during which One found four more volunteer children to fill out Bravo Team’s roster. Two would come to form a strong bond with each. Once One was satisfied with the skills of the team, the Hoard placed them into active duty, where Two has remained ever since.

For nearly a decade, Bravo Team completed every mission the Hoard assigned. Two has seen action against Crowd bosses, would-be warlords, and dozens of Revolutionary Vanguard personnel – both verified and suspected. His role in the team was to scout the enemy’s defenses and identify weak points, and to disorient and undermine foes in combat using both his blades and his uncanny knack for unbalancing enemies with thrown weapons.

Bravo Two has displayed a notable distaste for poison use in combat, possibly due to an incident some years ago in which Bravo Four spiked his orange juice with a clinical strength laxative.

Bravo Two believes himself to be the last remaining member of Bravo Team still active after One’s sudden and inexplicable betrayal of his comrades to the Gideon City Grand Marshals. Two escaped the ambush, but only after sustaining a gunshot wound to the stomach and having his healing wand snapped in combat with a particularly ferocious meta-reptite mercenary. For several hours, Two was on the run through the streets of Gideon City in one of the largest manhunts in the city’s history. Eventually, blood loss and exhaustion overcame him, and he collapsed into a gutter. A passing longshoreman found his unconscious body before the Quaestors did (a fact which in any other circumstances would have embarrassed Two greatly) and brought him to the attention of Lily Sonder, who returned him to health despite his fugitive status.

Unsurprisingly, Two is currently experiencing a massive identity crisis. Bravo One’s betrayal combined with the deaths of his teammates has affected him deeply. His only objective now is to lay low and regain contact with his Hidden Hoard cell, the nearest operating post of which is – or was – located in Nursetrail.

Epilogue (the narrative function, not the sword)

After the turmoil of the Secession Crisis, Two was a man in flux. During the course of his final mission, he’d been forced to finally confront the brutal tactics of his draconic handlers, and he had to admit to himself that he could no longer justify their use. While he has stopped short of personally telling the Hoard that he has forsaken his allegiance, he has certainly stopped reporting in to Hoard outposts for orders, and the group has presumably realized that the last member of Bravo Team has gone AWOL. Conveniently enough, since AWOL agents were usually brought back into the fold by Bravo Team, there is no one left on the Hoard’s roster able to do anything about his abrupt resignation.

However, even without repercussions from the Hidden Hoard being imminent, Two was still left in the same predicament as all soldiers when the war concludes – he only knew how to live as a ninja answering to a dragon-affiliated master, and his martial skill was still a very important part of his much-fragmented sense of self. Luckily, he gained a new mission when he approached Rehemut, newly appointed Protector of Chester, and offered his services. The dragon was pleased to accept, not least because he was not entirely sure the Hoard was done with trying to kill him.

Thus, Two currently functions as Rehemut’s bodyguard, and can be seen in the dragon’s retinue, usually disguised as some kind of simple manservant. His official title is Auxiliary Guardsman, a position which, like the office of Protector itself, has unclear function and authority. In his free time, he often sneaks past the rank-and-file Chester military into restricted areas, and then berates the soldiers who didn’t notice him passing, occasionally allowing Epilogue to do it for him. It is widely expected that Fachester will soon have the most sharp-eyed city watch outside of Gideon City.

When official business takes Rehemut near the White Sands Reflection Home, Two has been known to teach the residents a class on interpretive dance as a form of therapy.


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