Chance Sweetwell

A foul-mouthed paladin of the new gods


Bill of Release
Silverstream Penitentiary
Quintember 15, 451
Prisoner #4378 (“Sarok Sweetwell”)
Race: Half-orc
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 13-1/2 stones
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Other identification: Scar between lower sternum and left hip

Prisoner #4378 is hereby cleared for release by order of Knight Captain Sir Dawson Genot. Prisoner has served 8 out of 15 years of his assigned sentence on the charges of first degree assault and racketeering. Release authorized on grounds of protracted good behavior and avowed contrition. To be discharged into the care of the Order of Hiropeh, with probationary period ending Undecember 16, 452. Conditions of probation include full cooperation with the Knights Captain in all manners, and remaining at all times in good standing with the Order of Hiropeh. Failure to comply with probationary measures will result in the remanding of #4378 to the custody of the Knights Captain for fulfillment of his remaining sentence.

Warden’s Note:
This prisoner was nominated for clemency under Operation Firefight on the grounds of his dramatic reformation over the past 8 years. During his time under my care, Sarok has wholeheartedly embraced the Triune and its tenets of self-improvement and salvation. His anger and depression have been replaced by apparently genuine remorse for his crimes. Moreover, he seems to possess a gift for teaching the path to salvation to former degenerates and transforming them into men of true conviction through his teaching of the mysticism of the Triune. I understand that his distinctive mannerisms aid him in gaining the trust of the lowbrow element. Regardless of all else, if he ever runs afoul of the law again he is to be returned to my care posthaste.

By Her Majesty’s grace,
Warden Sir Gerold Vert

Chance Sweetwell

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