Cyan the Elder

Former Archmage and Morgan Resident


Cyan the Elder, so named to distinguish him from his protege, Cyan the Younger, was formerly an Archmage of Eustace. He retired from the council at an advanced age, designating a friend to fill out he remainder of his 64-year-term, so that the next term could go to his apprentice.

After his retirement, Cyan the Elder moved to the port of Morgan in the Bocan Islands. He built a lighthouse there, and lived in it for several years. Cyan became known as a major patron of the growing city, and was liked by most of its inhabitants.

In 449 OC, Cyan apparently died in his sleep, though he had been quite healthy before that. In his will, he bequeathed his tower to the officers of the privateering vessel Starlight. One of those adventurers was Matteran Armand, later Governor of the island of Campierno.

Ten years later, in 459, Matteran was questioned by Archmage Lazulum regarding Cyan the Elder’s supposed death. Governor Matteran revealed that Cyan the Elder had faked his death, and retreated to a private demiplane. This he did in order to avoid assassination using Juju magic.

It transpired that Cyan had collaborated with a juju spirit, probably a loa, to resurrect an ancient beast, but that each had betrayed the other before completing their plans. Matteran and the rest of the Starlight crew stopped the loa from releasing the beasts onto the world, but they could not stop Cyan the Elder from possessing one of the beasts and escaping in its body.

According to Matteran, when Cyan the Elder made his departure, he spoke vaguely of attempting to reach godhood. But nothing has been seen or heard about him since the day he vanished.

Cyan the Elder

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