Leader of the Duchess Rangers


Gazebo is a freelance ranger with a serious case of wanderlust. Born in a human settlement in one of the wilder forests of Gard, he was orphaned in his infancy when an extremely territorial centaur herd in the forest burned down his village and slew its inhabitants. He was raised by two of the centaurs who felt guilty about the death of his parents. He grew up to be an extremely talented archer.

‘Gazebo’ is not actually his name, but his title. The centaurs, who had previously referred to him as ‘human’ or ‘child,’ were amazed when as an adolescent he won the archery contest held in the herd once every decade or so. The winner of that contest is referred to as the Gazebo — the herd’s champion archer.

Gazebo did not know basic Common until he discovered a new human village on the outskirts of his forest as a young man. The villagers taught him Common in exchange for the hunting techniques he demonstrated. Sadly, the centaurs eventually caught wind of this village as well, and attacked it like its predecessor. When Gazebo returned to find his friends dead and their houses burned, he became murderously angry, and wound up killing the Chief of the centaur herd in an archery duel.

He has wandered the Occident ever since, looking for new experiences. He picked up a traveling companion in Gideon City, where he found an underfed and miserable she-wolf sitting in a cage at an exotic creatures market down a back alley. Pitying the animal, whom he nicknamed Duchess, he surreptitiously freed her and fled the city. Since then, he has held an unshakable dislike of large cities.

Gazebo has worked every job from caravan guard to dungeon delver, sometimes in groups and sometimes alone save for Duchess, but he has never done any one job for very long. His urge to ramble is simply too strong, and he is only happy when he has a journey to undertake. So when he heard of a magical door in Eustace that could take a man to completely uncharted territory, he jumped at the chance to pass through it and see what could be seen.


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