A shiny new paladin of Hiropeh


Tall and well-muscled, Lyndria’ryn looks the part of a paladin, except for the mischievous gleam in her eyes. Lyndria was raised in an orphanage by clerics of Hiropeh; despite the sheltered nature of the orphanage, other orphans could only be called street rats, and their influence on Lyndria is obvious.


Her earliest memories were of the temple. As one of many orphans left to Hiropeh’s mercy, Lyndria had only the name left with her ‘donation basket’ (which included one wool blanket, 20gp, a scrap of parchment with her name, and… her infant self). The sisters of Hiropeh’s temple oversaw the raising of such orphans, so she had ample teachings and less ample food from a young age. One of the earliest skills the orphans mastered was the dodging of classes at the temple; more than half of Lyndria’s education occurred on the meaner streets of Gideon City among other orphans and street children.

Lyndria’s Prayer to Hiropeh

After defeating Surzul and the Snake of Sevens, Lyndria spent the following year in Gideon City, helping to make sure the city settled back into a more peaceful state. She could not abandon her duty to the city or her temples. Once she was convinced that Gunderson’s ‘blimp brigade’ was well established, Lyndria booked passage to the Boccan islands. With her mother’s name and calling, Lyndria hoped to track her down, eventually. The adventures she shared with the party that helped defeat Surzul gave her a taste of excitement and showed her the possibility of a greater purpose. Her mother’s calling was something they shared, and Lyndria yearned to find her mother, especially after the disappointment of discovering her father. She spends several years traveling the Boccans, bartering her sword arm for passage on ships between the islands. After tracking many rumors to dead ends, Lyndria finally found a promising thread. She found her mother in a small village, where the cleric of Hiropeh was praying for the end of a debilitating plague. Lyndria’s blunt and straightforward manner, polished not at all by her youth on the streets and the past years among sailors, did not endear her to her mother. The two formed an uneasy alliance, in honor of their shared faith and Lyndria’s stubbornness, travelling across the Boccans in service to Hiropeh and getting to know one another. Needless to say, Lyndria found little comfort or inspiration in her tumbleweed of a mother, despite travelling together for several years, and the paladin returned to Gideon City. She dedicated herself to service in the temples: sometimes travelling to nearby towns and villages on errands of peace and lawfulness, but mostly staying within the city. Lyndria dedicated herself to the raising of orphans left to Hiropeh; training new paladins and repaying the debt of her own youth. Dria’s Rats became a well-known patrol in Gideon City, providing an oft-needed oversight of law and order on the streets, in the shadows of tall buildings and taller political maneuverings.


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