A young Songese girl from the Shacks


Miri immigrated to Silverstream a few years ago, and like many immigrants in all places and times has had little choice but to live in the poorer parts of town. Still, it could be worse than the Shacks, and her life has not been too unbearable, even if it was not exactly easy. She spends her time working any odd jobs she can – messenger, courier, and so forth – and has gained a reputation for reliability, honesty, and speed. She signed up for the job as soon as she heard of it, though she has yet to divulge her reasons.

Miri often prays at Tanagar, though she has been seen at various different shrines and gatherings. She seems to be looking for something specific, though it is unclear what. A sign, perhaps.

Miri is an obviously young girl, not older than 20, dressed in ragged clothes and worn armor, both in dull and dark shades. Her features are distinctively oriental, and her black hair is cropped short. She is usually quiet, but can be surprisingly genial and charming when she does talk, and her movements carry an almost instinctive grace to them. She carries two Wakizashi.


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