Sonny "Sonic Damage" Damawitz

The Man's worst nightmare


Sonny “Sonic Damage” Damawitz is a professional alternative musician hailing from Archons in Rushtide.

Sonny is never seen without his masterwork Electric Lute, a beautiful thing featuring expert carvings of a thunderbolt motif all over the body. The high quality of his lute stands in contrast with Sonny himself – Sonny is a generally poorly groomed young human with a mane of artfully shaggy blond hair held up by a garish sky blue scarf used as a headband. His pants appear to be several sizes too tight. He refers to himself exclusively by his stage name, and occasionally in the third person. The quickest way to annoy him is to refer to him as “Sonny,” and the quickest way to make him extremely angry is to refer to him as “Young Master Damawitz.” He currently wears a shirt of chain mail over his signature beat-up leather jacket, both because Aptchi seems to think trouble is coming and because he likes how tough it makes him look. A closer look at his belt reveals that it is actually a well-worn whip, which Sonny explains to be there “in case the Man comes to try and shut me down.”


Sonny’s parents are both accomplished merchants. His father made a fortune in the logging industry that has been growing in Rushtide for decades, while his mother took a risk in being one of the early investors in Eustace’s Dragonfall project, which payed off handsomely once the cocoa trade picked up speed. The two were married in a deal among the merchant aristocrats of Rushtide, similarly to how more traditional realms might arrange marriages among the nobility. Throughout Sonny’s childhood, his family fully expected him to take the reins of his parents’ trade empire and make it even larger.

Unfortunately for the Damawitz clan, Sonny’s childhood showed him to have all the business acumen of a concussed troll. He had – and still has – the inexplicable ability to lose money almost before he earns it, and as a child he much preferred making loud noises of all kinds to the financial training his parents tried to impart. He was especially drawn to instruments, and had a knack for making any instrument he picked up play much louder than might seem possible. His parents eventually forbade all the servants from letting him anywhere near anything that could be struck, plucked or blown.

In response to Sonny’s lack of focus, his parents began bringing him along on business trips, perhaps in an attempt to teach by example. But when his father took him to the forests of Rushtide to speak to the loggers, Sonny would sneak off into the woods and go missing for hours, and whenever his mother would take him to Dragonfall to watch her negotiate the price of cocoa, he’d disappear only to be found ages later learning drinking songs in a local tavern. Sonny was particularly fond of the White Dragon, because Aptchi never kicked him out until his mother came to collect him. Eventually, the trips stopped, partially due to Sonny’s continued lack of interest and partially due to the sacking of Dragonfall by Gideonese privateers. Sonny’s mother had narrowly escaped the incident, as she had only left Dragonfall the evening before it was attacked, and afterwards both elder Damawitzs started conducting their business from the safety of Archons proper.

By the time Sonny reached adulthood, he had finally had enough of his life as a tycoon-to-be. His father had sent him to Eustace to sell an old family heirloom, a masterwork lute, perhaps in the hope that the job’s relation to music might make him focus for once, but Sonny never even made it to the buyer. After a self-reflective and highly inebriated night in a Eustace bar, he decided to buck his parents’ control of his life. He took off his merchant finery, took the lute for himself, and struck out for freedom.

For roughly three years, Sonny developed his skills as a musician in small taverns and clubs across eastern Gard, playing both solo and in impromptu bands. He exclusively played using the heirloom lute, which he dubbed the “Electric Lute” after playing it at an outdoor show and being struck by lightning, despite a total lack of clouds. He started calling himself “Sonic Damage,” and became known as a musician with passion and potential, if not talent. His music was rebellious against all those who use their power to keep others under their control, draconic or otherwise, as Sonny hates all forms of authority with a charmingly incoherent rage. His work therefore resonated strongly with a certain segment of the lower classes that was still bitter about the pointless destruction of the Secession Crisis of a few years ago.

Eventually, Sonny ran into a druid commune on the outskirts of Maxow. The commune was founded on ideals of balance with nature and self-determination, allowing Sonny to feel as if he’d found a home for the first time. The commune also contained a few bards and other spontaneous casters, who were quick to realize that Sonny’s knack for extreme volume was an indicator of inherent magic. They began training Sonny to develop his magical talent, as well as some rudimentary survival skills. Despite his appearance, Sonny is actually fairly capable of living off the land, as hunting and the animal products derived from it were not forbidden by the commune as long as the entire animal was put to use. During this time, Sonny also learned to use a whip, almost solely because he likes the sound it makes.

Not all of the commune’s instruction was benign, however. The continued deforestation of the lands in which the druids lived had given them an increasingly violent attitude toward Maxow, which culminated in the 476 attack on Maxow’s infamous street-fighting tournament. The druids had implored Sonny to help them “send a message,” as they put it, and he agreed. During the fighting, Sonny managed to use bardic music to stun one of the tournament finalists, allowing an opening for one of the druids to finish the fighter off. It was only then that Sonny realized that the commune was using him in much the same way his parents had – he was once again someone else’s tool, a means to an end. Disgusted, he left the commune after returning from the city, and struck out for freedom once more.

However, after the attack on the tournament, the entire city of Maxow, including its incredibly dangerous chaopho, instantly turned on the druids and anyone associated with them, Sonny being no exception. Sonny knew he was now a target of some of the most brutal organized crime syndicates in the country, short of the Crowd. In a burst of inspiration, he realized that the safest place for him to go was Dragonfall – neither the chaopho nor his family have any presence there, and there are plenty of forests to explore and frontier dwellers to entertain with his music.

Sonny arrived in Dragonfall nearly a year ago, and has since become familiar with much of the musical community in town. Few if any inhabitants of Dragonfall connect him with the little boy from over a decade ago, and fewer still would care even if they knew. About a week ago, Aptchi approached him with an offer to become part of the White Dragon’s in-house band, a position he accepted with great enthusiasm.


After the smashing success of the Dragonfall Six’s first album, Sonic is a man living the dream. He has a legendary group of bandmates and a die-hard following, and he has finally achieved his lifelong goal of helping to teleport an established aristocrat into the sun.

Sonic is now convinced that his place in the universe is to be the lutist of D6, bringing songs of freedom and debauchery to the masses. He plans to continue breaking new musical ground, and occasionally a heart or two, with his bandmates on their upcoming world tour. He will also attempt to get D6 on the wanted lists of at least three major world powers, to beat its previous record of being wanted in both Dragonfall and Atolhua. He has not informed the other band members of his intention.

Of course, all of these plans depend on Tiamat not destroying the world in a magical apocalypse. Sonic isn’t worried, since he was informed that JW is on it. With this in mind, Sonic feels secure in focusing on music, which is much more important.

Sonny "Sonic Damage" Damawitz

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