Special Investigator


Vorend was born about 70 years ago, and knows very little about his father, who abandonment him and his mother shortly after he was born. Somehow his mother managed to hide her ancestry, but not Vorend’s, with the obvious smoke and his grasping tail. These days, he keeps his tail and face hidden by the cloak, while vigorously puffing a pipe to conceal his smoking eyes.

Life was very difficult for him and his mother, while she could both take care of herself and pass for human, caring for Vorend was very limiting. As a child, Vorend would often be hidden or stay hidden, out of fear, and to prevent his mother from being forced to move on from whatever life she managed to build in each new town. These years of relative isolation have made Vorend, naturally inquisitive, somewhat bitter and stifled. His infernally slow development, while giving him time to learn a new language for each place, only prolonged this period. As early as he could, he struck out on his own, a confident wilderness hermit.

While an odd character, he took pains to stay out of trouble, and eventually people would get used to him. A reasonable healer, it was easy to make a living treating the sick and gathering herbs from the woods, and gradually the old hermit in the woods was just a fact about the neighborhood.

About 15 years ago, however, while taking a break from wilderness living and moving through the slums of silverstream, then Sergeant Dawson Genot was beginning his unconventional and aggressive assault on the underclass. Originally brought in merely for being suspicious, Vorend caught Dawson’s eye, and, once his character was decently verified, was brought in on a few schemes. Known only as the Devil of the Docks, Vorend was becoming a rising start in the mob and smuggling business, particularly known for having people “disappeared” (actually arrested). Instead of sticking out the aftermath like Dawson, Vorend instead left Silverstream, since the only thing less loved than a Tiefling is one with a price on his head. 15 years later, with things calmed down a bit, Vorend received a letter from his old acquaintance now Knight Captain Genot about a big job. While skeptical, Vorend was convinced of the benefits, and signed up, hoping to strike hard, fast, and get out, but it remains to be seen whether anyone remembers the Devil of the Docks…


Average height, heavy dark cloak from which smoke wafts.

Vorend rarely looks people in the eyes, preferring instead to look down or away. Only at night under cover of darkness does he stride with any confidence. When he does look someone in the eyes, the fire and smoke emanating from his yellow orbs set in a reddish scaled visage invariably prove somewhat unnerving.


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