Yurund the Landfreer

Dwarven Magus and Treasure Hunter


Yurund, sometimes called Landfreer, was an officer on the Freewater, the ship that discovered the continent of Freedland. Yurund was the one who personally destroyed the lock keeping Freedland hidden in a demiplane. A statue commemorating this event in Dragonfall is captioned “Landfreer”, leading to his nickname.

Yurund’s search for powerful artifacts has carried him deep into Freedland’s unexplored interior. He was recently seen in the vicinity of Atolhua, the Reptite city, but he vanished again shortly before the Battle of Dragonfall. It’s presumed the dwarf is still looking for treasure somewhere in Freedland, but his friends have been unable to find him since the day he left Dragonfall again.

Yurund the Landfreer

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