Zarbid Facidu

Purveyor of Alchemy and Insanity


Zarbid doesn’t remember how he got to Urst, he just remembers how much people hated him. Zarbid didn’t understand why they hated him, maybe it was his large teeth and wings and tail that frightened them. Maybe they were jealous of Zarbid, because he was smarter than them. Zarbid was much smarter than them, though all they did was hate him. All except for one, the goblin master alchemist Quintoph. Quintoph recognized Zarbid’s talents and made him an apprentice. Zarbid was good at alchemical crafting and soon became obsessed with it. So obsessed that even his goblin master was concerned for his well-being. Unfortunately for Quintoph, when he confronted Zarbid about this obsession, Zarbid was testing a new experimental mutagen that brought out his more beastly and demonic side. Zarbid lost control throwing alchemical items and ingredients at Quintoph until he was dead. The effects of the mutagen wore off, and Zarbid realized what had happened. It had hurt him to kill Quintoph, but this pain was different from the pain of others hating him. This pain felt good, this pain made him feel happy. It was almost as if something or someone had wanted him to kill Quintoph and rewarded him for it.

Quintoph’s death wasn’t much of a big deal, he was a goblin and everyone just assumed he died as the result of some crazy accident. Zarbid took over running Quintoph’s alchemy shop, but he was curious as to why it felt so good to kill Quintoph. Being in Urst, he got his answer easily enough when a few cultists of Poktlarok came to his shop looking for more ways to make the world burn to please their god. As he talked to them, Zarbid realized that he too must be endowed with the blessing (curse?) of Poktlarok’s insanity. He began “testing” his mutagen more and more, but not entirely remembering what happened when he did, though he always felt very happy afterwards. Strange reports of people gone missing in the Urst countryside were popping up. Zarbid thought nothing of this, it was a cold and dangerous land. That is until they found a body discarded in a crevass, burned not with magical fire as that of the red dragon rulres, but with alchemical fire. Zarbid was intelligent enough to know that it was likely he was the killer. He decided that he needed to flee Urst and only imbibe his mutagen if his life was in danger.

Zarbid went south to Eustace to start anew, eventually finding a job consulting on alchemical components from the north for many prominent wizards in North Almond. He continued to refine the formula for his mutagen and learned to create many new extracts from the wizards with whom he worked. This new life was not to last though, as Zarbid found himself growing very depressed despite his contributions to the magocracy. Zarbid started to venture into the countrysidee again finding things that he could burn to feel the happiness he felt when killing Quintoph. He avoided taking his mutagen so that he could keep under control and only kill creatures that would not be missed, or so he thought. Eventually, the magocracy began to receive complaints from local citizens that they were finding burned animal carcasses in the forest and seeing strange fiery glows at night. They did some digging and discovered Zarbid’s shady past. They gave him two options – they kill him or he go to the newly discovered continent of Freedland and work for them killing only what they needed him to. He chose the latter and moved to Dragonfall where he set up one of the first alchemist shops in this new wild land.

Following the discovery and disappearance of the Alter of Unity, Zarbid’s motivations began to change. He was becoming consumed by destruction and wanted to find a way to freedom. Freedom from the fury of Poktlarok and freedom from the eyes of the Archmages. Freedom from the eyes of the Archmages was achieved more easily than anticipated upon the exile of Cyan the Younger and ascendance of Lazulum to the position of Arch-Diviner. Freedom from the curse of Poktlariok required a nit more of a sacrifice. Seeking help from the aasimar cleric Miles Riva, was nearly as painful for Zarbid as all that Poktlarok had done to him. It was a sacrifice that he was willing to make though. With the help of his MItre of the Heirophant, Miles was able to remove the destructive ways of Poktlarok from Zarbid. Freed from destruction, Zarbid focused on magical and alchemical creations to benefit the citizens of Dragonfall.

Zarbid Facidu

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