Bow of the First Emperor

weapon (ranged)

Aura strong abjuration and transmutation; CL 20th; Slot none; Weight 2 lbs.

This bow functions as a +5 brilliant energy shortbow, which is considered epic and can penetrate epic damage reduction. Attacks made by the Bow of the First Emperor also ignore all profane bonuses to AC. A creature struck with an arrow loosed from this bow is unable to benefit from any profane bonuses for ten minutes, and loses any benefit which might come from the unholy blessing of Gul Eeron Vort. In addition, the Bow of the First Emperor can be commanded at will to shed light as a heightened daylight spell, functioning at spell level 9th, which cancels any darkness effects of lower spell level.


This bow is made of the wood of a Cadriyali horse-apple tree, intricately carved with scenes depicting the childhood and early heroic deeds of its original owner, Emperor Lucius Cletius Marvolus I, the first Emperor of Gideon. Its bowstring is made of dragon sinew, taken from the body of the gold dragon who was Gideon’s original protector. It was an arrow loosed from this weapon which slew the evil dictator Gul Eeron Vort. The bow is now the personal property of Emperor Rommestilanis.

Bow of the First Emperor

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