Chisel of the Walking City


Aura overwhelming transmutation; CL 30th; Slot none; Weight 1 lb.


This chisel is made of bone, yet it is hard as adamantine. When the chisel is placed against a building made of wood or stone and tapped with a hammer, the building animates as a colossus. Extremely large buildings such as city walls, palaces, or wizard towers; or buildings with a large underground component like a dungeon, must spend a full-round action to move at all, and then they move at most 5 feet at a time.

When animated, a building normally serves the one who used the chisel on it. However, animating many buildings at a time risks unleashing a strange hive-mind intelligence into them. There is a cumulative 10% chance for each animated building beyond the first that all animated buildings free themselves from the control of their master (to a maximum of a 90% chance). No one knows what the buildings would do if freed.


The Chisel of the Walking City was once damaged. To destroy it permanently, it must be buried underground in the ruins of a city, and have 2,000 tons of rubble from former structures piled on top of it.


The Chisel of the Walking City is a major artifact originally created by Beuben when he still lived and was the patron god of construction. It was found by the Hidden Hoard over 100 years ago under a small pile of rubble within Gideon City’s ancient sewer system.

Chisel of the Walking City

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