Deploying Armor


Price +2 bonus
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 10th; Weight


A suit of deploying armor can fold into the form of a single bracer on the wearer’s wrist, and then deploy again into its normal form. Transforming the armor in either direction requires a command word, and fails if the new slot (the armor slot or the wrists slot) is already occupied. In bracer form, the armor functions as bracers of armor with the same enhancement bonus and other magic armor qualities as the armor normally has. Like ordinary bracers of armor, the deploying armor in bracer form grants an armor bonus equal to its enhancement bonus only, and the wearer does not otherwise count as wearing armor. If the armor is removed while in bracer form, it reverts to its ordinary form after one round.

Only medium or heavy armor can be deploying armor.

Construction Requirements

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, swift girding; Cost +2 bonus


Deploying armor is known to have been invented by a fantastically wealthy and fantastically brilliant eldritch knight in Gideon City. His goal? To stand just outside the battlefield, casting powerful spells without fear of interference from his clanky armor, then to deploy his full plate as he strode into battle. It made quite an impact in his foes.

Deploying Armor

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