Epilogue, End of Tales

weapon (melee)

Epilogue, End of Tales is an intelligent +1 glamered sneaky spell-storing adamantine wakizashi. Its known powers are as follows:

Ego 17
Alignment N
Senses 60 ft. darkvision
Communication speech (Gardish, Kamese)
Ability Scores Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 16
Skills Intimidate +13
Spells 1/day—beast shape II, dust of twilight (DC 15), silence (DC 15)

When Epilogue uses its beast shape II power, it starts with a base Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution of 10 for the purpose of computing its modified ability scores. If it dies while polymorphed, it automatically returns to its wakizashi form, but gains the broken condition and loses all magical powers until repaired.


Epilogue has an ornate ruby hilt, and an adamantine blade. The word “Epilogue” is inscribed in the blade in Kamese, but it usually uses its glamered nature to hide this identifying mark (as well as its magic aura). It has implied in conversation that it can move under its own power, but hasn’t yet demonstrated this ability.


Epilogue was forged in 1217 OR (277 OC) by the master artisan of Cipok as a tribute to the Shogun. The Shogun gave the blade to an elite assassin, who achieved numerous kills with it on the Shogun’s behalf. One of those kills was a certain man believed to be a Shraaji spy posing as a guard for the Shogun’s favorite general. The mission, like all of Epilogue’s other missions, was a success. The next day, it turned out that the assassin had erred – he struck down not the man spying on the general, but the general’s own son. The assassin committed ritual suicide in atonement for his blunder. But though Epilogue’s adamantine blade would never tarnish, his reputation surely did.

The next ninja to own Epilogue was a man of only middling ability, frequently given missions no one else wanted to do. One of these took him into Gard to track down a merchant who had fled from his debts. The ninja found him in a town outside Clemburg, and killed him in the dead of night with Epilogue. But his escape back to Orient was thwarted by the man’s daughter. Though she had no ninja training, she managed to track him. Confronting him in the streets of Maxow, she challenged him to single combat. Epilogue was intrigued by the young woman, and refused to aid the ninja in this fight, believing that if he could not defend himself on his own skill, he was not a worthy possessor. The ninja failed.

The merchant’s daughter brought Epilogue back with her to Clemburg, but used it little. Eventually, it left her in search of a more worthy owner. Epilogue passed from hand to hand for a while in Claysaw, aiding rogues and vagabonds. It even taught some of them basics of ninjutsu. Its last owner, who it met in the early days of the Human’s Revolution, showed remarkable promise. She spoke no Kamese, but her ki was strong. She was an eager student of the art. Epilogue thought that it had, at last, found the person to restore its honor. At Epilogue’s urging, she went to the land’s rightful ruler – the beleaguered brass dragon Ganterobisth – and offered her services. The dragon noticed the remarkable blade at her side, and offered her a tidy sum to locate and kill a major of the Revolutionary Vanguard known to be nearby. The young ninja agreed, and went to find him.

After a week spent hiding in shadows and inching closer to the rebels, she finally found her mark. She snuck into his tent at midnight, slipping unnoticed past his guards. She found the half-orc major awake, and as he drew his blade, she drew Epilogue, ready to strike. But before either of them could do anything, the entire tent was incinerated. The dragon Ganterobisth had convinced himself that this girl claiming to be a ninja could never defeat the major on her own. He waited until she went inside the tent to confirm he was there, and then released a jet of fire, burning everything inside (including the ninja) to a crisp. The only thing not turned to ash was the adamantine wakizashi. The dragon snatched it up for himself, counted itself fortunate that it would not have to pay the young woman’s fee, and flew off.

Epilogue, End of Tales

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