Flute of Guidance

musical instrument

Aura Strong varied; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight 2 lb.


Despite its slight size and weight, this silver flute can be wielded as a +2 disruption heavy mace.

When played, the flute is capable of bringing about any one of four powerful effects, described below. It requires a full-round action and a successful DC 15 Perform (wind instruments) check to play the flute. Once played, it cannot be played again for one hour.

Celebrate: This effect lifts the hearts of all living creatures nearby who hear it, and creates a hallow effect with remove fear tied to it on the spot where it is played. The remove fear effect works on all living creatures. Unlike a true hallow spell, this effect vanishes after 10 minutes.

Communal Refuge: This effect transports any number of willing, living creatures within 60 feet (along with their carried items and gear) to a safe refuge. The refuge can be any distance away on the same plane, but it must be a place that either the player or the majority of the group to be teleported can call home.

Final Rest: This effect protects makes it harder for one dead creature within 30 feet to return to the land of the living. Once the flute is played for it, it cannot thereafter be turned into an undead creature, and it is treated as though it had been slain by a death effect for the purposes of spells that would try to restore it to life.

Psychopomp: This effect helps guide souls trapped in a state of undeath to their final destinations. All undead creatures within 40 feet must succeed at a DC 14 Will save or be destroyed, as if they had been struck by a disruption weapon.


The Flute of Guidance withers into a useless hunk of silver if played while submerged in the River Styx or the deep swamps of Sheol.


The Flute of Guidance was found buried in an earthen chest by Prophet Moscath, founder of Syncretism, buried in the ground beneath the swamp in Vaunoo. According to the prophet, it once belonged to Owendas herself.

Flute of Guidance

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