Freeshooter Bullets

weapon (ranged)

Aura strong divination; CL 20th; Weight

Freeshooter bullets come in a small steel case, which includes seven bullets. Each is a +5 seeking bullet. More impressively, each has the power of automatically hitting its intended target. A freeshooter bullet ignores cover and even total cover, allowing it to be fired around corners. The bullet must still be able to reach its target; a target inside a closed building with no open doors or windows cannot be attacked. As long as the target is within the firearm’s maximum range, the freeshooter bullet hits, with no chance of a misfire. Treat the bullet as if it had rolled a natural 20, and roll to confirm a critical hit.

However, there is a catch, often unknown to the owner of such bullets. Among each set of seven freeshooter bullets, a single one is under the direct control of a particular powerful evil outsider (usually the one who crafted the bullets). When this bullet is loaded and fired, rather than striking the intended target, it strikes a target of this outsider’s choice. The bullet may strike the shooter himself, but the outsider usually picks a loved one or ally to hit instead. The shooter makes critical confirmation and damage rolls as normal for the evil outsider’s bullet, but the outsider’s target is considered flat-footed.

No mortal magic can determine which bullet is under the control of the evil outsider.

Each bullet disappears after use, but when all seven freeshooter bullets have been used, they all reappear in their case. The case then returns to one of the lower planes.


A set of freeshooter bullets is destroyed if one of them is used to slay the evil outsider who owns the seventh bullet. The bullets do not automatically hit when aimed at that outsider, although they are still +5 seeking bullets (and the outsider still controls that one bullet).


Tales of freeshooter bullets pop up here and there in the annals of folklore and legend. They are often bartered to mortals by powerful fiends, who may neglect to mention the existence of the seventh bullet.

Freeshooter Bullets

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