Gavel of the Eternal Judge


Aura overwhelming conjuration and divination [lawful]; CL 25th; Weight 5 lbs. (see text)

The Gavel of the Eternal Judge functions as a +5 axiomatic disruption impact phase locking warhammer. It counts as an epic weapon for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. Chaotic creatures attempting to pick up the Gavel treat it as though it weighed an infinite weight, and so cannot lift, manipulate, disarm, or wield it in any way.

The Gavel of the Eternal Judge is surrounded by a continuous zone of truth effect out to a radius of 40 feet. The wielder and creatures with fewer than 8 HD get no Will save against this effect; others may make a DC 26 Will save when first entering the zone of truth to be immune to the effect for one hour (at which point, if they are still in the area, they may make another save, regardless of whether they passed the first one). The wielder is aware of which creatures passed their saves against this effect.

Once a month on the full moon, the Gavel of the Eternal Judge can be swung in awesome judgement, declaring or reversing the final fate of a target. This ability can be used to cast either power word kill or true resurrection (without paying the component cost). Either usage of this ability is 95% likely to attract the attention of Avatrunei.

If the wielder is a lawful inquisitor, the Gavel increases the DC to resist their discern lies class feature by 10, and adds 20 to the number of rounds the inquisitor may use discern lies per day. If the wielder is a paladin, it allows the wielder to treat chaotic creatures as though they were evil for the purposes of their smite evil ability, and grants 6 additional uses of smite evil per day. If the wielder is a lawful cleric or oracle, it adds 10 to the DC of any spell with the lawful descriptor they cast.

The wielder of the Gavel of the Eternal Judge also is aware of the precise local date and time to the tenth of a second, and can see as well in moonlight as in daylight.


The Gavel of the Eternal Judge can only be destroyed if it is used to slay a lawful demigod or greater power during a new moon.


This awesome warhammer is shaped and looks like a gavel built for a much larger person. On the hammer head is emblazoned the holy symbol of Avatrunei. It is said by his faithful that the Everturning Wheel uses it to decree the beginning of each age of the world.

The Gavel was last seen in the halls of a ruthless and hopelessly chaotic baron, who had conquered the castle where it was kept. He did not bother putting any security around it, because as he could not lift it, he assumed no one could. A paladin aiming to end his reign infiltrated his castle, picked up the Gavel as though it weighed nothing, and smote the baron with it. This was about 200 years ago; the Gavel has not been seen since.

Gavel of the Eternal Judge

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