Gearshield of the Ages


This +4 heavy steel shield bears an extremely intricate interlocking gear pattern, featuring one large central gear, and five gears surrounding it. It appears to be somewhat intelligent, but it can only communicate via emotions.

The Gearshield of the Ages can use the magic of either haste or slow twice per day, and time stop once per day.


The Gearshield of the Ages was created during the period Reptites call the First Age, before the construction of the Altar of Unity or even the war between Ahava and Seena. It was built by a reptite named Qiruk, a cleric, at a time before arcane magic even entered the world. The Gearshield was passed down from disciple to student until the Third Age, when its owner was killed by a cleric of Seena, who placed the Gearshield in the Altar of Unity. There, it was kept, unwillingly, in the possession of the master of the altar’s guard.

Towards the end of the age, the Gearshield was stolen by a man called Olmarq, who took it out of the Altar of Unity complex and interrogated it. Willingly, the Gearshield informed Olmarq of everything it knew about he Altar’s protection. A week later, the Third Age ended with the Altar of Unity being sent into the future.

The Gearshield traded hands many times during the chaos of the Fourth Age. When the loa finally appeared, the Gearshield was abandoned for many years as being a relic of a forgotten age. It was only discovered again by adventurers from Gideon, who used the shield to fight the Reptites. Hints from the shield about how the Altar of Unity was sent into the future inspired the Gideonese leaders’ idea to send the entire continent into another dimension.

The Gearshield remained in Gideonese hands for another 200 years as the war continued in Freedland’s pocket dimension. Its last owner was a magistrate named Mirmadius, who was assassinated by a rakshasa at the behest of a mad loa, the Minstrel.

Legend lore is not enough to reveal the +Gearshield of the Ages_’ full powers, but it does reveal that the shield itself has powers mostly related to time.

Gearshield of the Ages

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