Golden Horn


Slot none; Aura strong transmutation; CL 20th; Weight 3 lbs.

The Golden Horn is a flawless instrument; its tone and clarity are unrivaled. It is an instrument so fine it practically performs itself, granting anyone who plays it a +10 competence bonus on Perform (wind instruments) checks with it.

A character with ranks in Perform (wind instruments) can play the horn to cast one of a few different spells. Each is cast as a standard action, and uses a number of charges. The Golden Horn has a number of charges per day equal to the player’s Charisma modifier, plus the player’s bard level (if any). The player cannot activate effects that use more charges than he has ranks in Perform (wind instruments).

  • Shatter (1 charge)
  • Sound burst (2 charges)
  • Shout (3 charges)
  • _Ki Shout (4 charges)
  • Greater shout (5 charges)

If the Golden Horn is played together with one other Golden Instrument of Amatti, their players can produce an effect duplicating any bard, sorcerer, or wizard spell of 4th level or lower, or any other spell of 3rd level or lower. This effect requires a standard action from both of the people playing those instruments, and they must agree on which effect is to take place. If three instruments are played together, they can instead produce an effect equivalent to limited wish. If all four instruments are played together, they can produce an effect equivalent to wish, and possibly more. In any case, the Horn can be used together with other Golden Instruments no more than once per day.


Golden Horn

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