Horn of the Grand Vizier


Aura strong conjuration; CL 20th; Slot none; Weight 1 lbs.

This brass horn functions as an masterwork trumpet. If the holder speaks the command word before blowing it, it functions as a summon monster IX spell, except that it summons the Grand Vizier, a noble djinni in the service of Emperor Rommestilanis. The Grand Vizier does not grant wishes, but he may use plane shift, unlike an ordinary summoned creature. Magical effects created by the Grand Vizier do not disappear when he leaves.

The horn functions only once per week, unless blown by the Emperor himself.


This item makes use of the power of a great wyrm brass dragon to summon forth a noble djinni. The Grand Vizier is chaotic good, like most djinn, and does not understand why people always think he is evil and conniving when they hear his title. He is very proud of his wispy goatee.

Horn of the Grand Vizier

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