Intelligent Broom of Flying


Base Item broom of flying
Alignment Same as Zari
Ability Scores You have a 10, 12, and 15 to assign to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma however you like.
Communication Speaks Common.
Senses Can see and hear out to 120 ft.
Powers Can fly by itself, so it doesn’t take an action for Zari to start flying. It can fly continuously, it is not limited to 9 hours per day.
Other Powers You have 6 more Ego points to spend on various powers. Choose from the chart below.

Ability Ego points
Broom communicates via telepathy in addition to (or instead of) speech 1
Broom has blindsense 120 ft. 1
Broom has 5 ranks in one skill 1
Broom learns a 0 level spell to cast at will 1
Broom learns a 1st or 2nd level spell to cast 3/day 1
Broom learns a 3rd level spell to cast 1/day 1
Broom can change shape into one other broom-sized object 2
Broom can teleport 1/day (broom + rider only) 2
Broom has 10 ranks in one skill 2
Broom learns a 3rd level spell to cast 3/day 2
Broom learns a 4th level spell to cast 1/day 2

You can pick the same option more than once, but you can’t pick the exact same spell or skill more than once. You can pick spells like you pick scrolls: It can be any spell, but if a wizard or cleric can cast it then you have to use the wizard or cleric level. For example, hideous laughter would count as a 2nd level spell. Any save DCs for spells are equal to 12 + spell level, and operate at caster level 9th.


Intelligent Broom of Flying

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