Nunchuck Gun

a.k.a. Gun-Chucks

weapon (ranged)

Aura no aura (non-magical); CL —; Weight 6 lbs.; Price 450 gp


A combination of a pistol and nunchaku, the nunchuck gun can be used as either weapon. The nunchuck gun is treated as a double weapon for the purposes of enchanting it. The bottom half of the nunchaku is attached to the pistol, and the top half can either swing free or be kept out of the way via a notch in the nunchaku’s lower half.

Renotching the top half of the nunchaku so it can be used as a pistol is a move action. A character with Exotic Weapon Proficiency (nunchaku) can release the nunchaku part as a nunchaku as a free action; otherwise, releasing the top half of the nunchaku is also a move action.


The design for this weapon was mailed to a gnomish gunslinger in Amafratia, Casogard without a signature, so its creator is unknown. The schematics have since been passed around and copied, but very few people have actually bothered to build this weapon. However, when employed, it can be used to surprising effect.

Nunchuck Gun

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