Rod of Unstoppable Fire


Aura moderate transmutation; CL 10th; Slot none; Price 40,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.


This rod is intended for use in cleaning the barrels of firearms. When a firearm’s barrel is cleaned using this rod (a full-round action), the next time that barrel is fired, the bullet is propelled in an unstoppable line. Make a separate attack roll against each creature within a line extending out to the maximum range of the firearm, typically five range increments. Apply range increment penalties to each attack roll as appropriate, but the attack always targets touch AC. If any of the attack rolls threaten a critical, confirm the critical for that attack roll alone. The firearm misfires only if the attack roll against the closest target was a misfire.

The rod of unstoppable fire can be used once per day. If the user has grit points, he may spend one grit point to use the rod of unstoppable fire an additional time that day. Using grapeshot, a pitted bullet, a burrowing bullet, or making a dead shot negates the rod’s effect (wasting it).

Crafting Requirements

Craft Rod, overland flight, creator must have the grit class feature or Amateur Gunslinger feat; Cost 20,000 gp


This item is a prototype, based on a design by George Z. Gunderson and manufactured by Claysaw’s finest gunsmiths.

Rod of Unstoppable Fire

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