Rustlin' Lasso

weapon (ranged)

Aura strong abjuration; CL 10th; Weight
Slot none; Price 27,000 gp

On command, this 30-foot long rope can extend to a length of 100 feet, and can perform all the same functions as a rope of knots.

Alternatively, the rope can also be commanded to tie a lasso noose into itself. In this form, it functions as a +2 lasso. Unlike a normal lasso, a rustlin’ lasso can be used on creatures within two size categories of you. Once per day, when the rustlin’ lasso is successfully used to entangle a creature, it can immediately cast dispel magic (CL 10th) on that creature as a free action if the wielder desires.

An entangled creature can slip free with a DC 17 Escape Artist check as a full-round action. The rope has hardness 1, 10 hit points, and AC 10. It requires a DC 25 Strength check to break it. The concentration DC to cast a spell while entangled with a rustlin’ lasso is 10 + the spell level being cast.

A rustlin’ lasso repairs damage to itself at the rate of 2 hit points every 5 minutes. This ability continues to function as long as at least one foot of the rope is still intact. (Only one part of the rope ever repairs itself.)

Construction Requirements

Craft Arms and Armor, creator must be a caster of at least 10th level, animate rope, dispel magic; Cost 13,500 gp


Rustlin' Lasso

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