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  • Venomblade

    h3. Ninja Archetype _Some ninjas have trained extensively in using poisons to maximal effect, delivering them precisely to where they do the most damage._ h4. Obscured Poison (Ex) At 3rd level, a venomblade is trained in the art of obscuring his …

  • Sorasu Artist

    h3. Ninja Archetype _Sorasu artists are masters of the art of distraction. They use various means to divide their enemies' attention, ranging from throwing small explosions behind their opponents from cover to setting fire to a nearby building._ h4. …

  • New Archetypes

    The following archetypes are available to characters in the [[Meier]] setting. h3. Ninja Archetypes * [[Sorasu Artist]] * [[Venomblade]] h3. See Also * [[Character Options]]

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