Name Avatrunei
Titles Eternal Judge, Gatekeeper of the Beyond, Keeper of the Seasons, Everturning Wheel
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Portfolio Death, Judgment, Calendars, Seasons
Worshipers Judges, city watchers, morticians
Depiction Stern judge with large beard
Holy Symbol A wheel with six gavels for spokes
Domains Death†, Law, Moon*, Repose, Weather
Subdomains Ancestors, Cycles*, Inevitable, Seasons, Souls, Storms
Favored Animal Elephant
Favored Weapon Warhammer

Holy Symbol of Avatrunei


Just as Avatrunei is the impartial judge of all mortal souls after death, mortals must judge their fellows fairly. Laws must be obeyed, whatever your personal feelings, and lawbreakers must be punished if convicted in a fair trial. The calendar and lunar cycles are gifts from Avatrunei, proving that everything has its proper time.


In most mythologies, Avatrunei is sole judge of the dead. No prayers or offerings can sway his judgment. Every soul must stand trial in his court to determine its proper punishment or reward. It is even recorded in some traditions that gods must come before his gavel when they die, although other traditions would see the idea of gods dying as blasphemy.

According to the most common version of events, when you die, your soul is taken to a cell in Avatrunei’s courthouse to await trial. After a period of time, you are brought into court, and various other souls and gods speak to accuse you or defend you. Then, Avatrunei himself questions you. Based on all of this, Avatrunei passes sentence on what shall happen to your soul for all eternity. When his hammer falls, the trial is over, your sentence becomes immutable, and you go on to meet your fate.


Avatrunei is one of the most popular deities in the world, especially in Occident. He was directly involved in the Empire of Gideon, having helped to set up its legal system. Even today, as the primary god of both death and law, his faith can be found almost everywhere across the continent.


†Avatrunei detests the undead. They are unliving defiance of his eternal judgment. Clerics and inquisitors of Avatrunei may take the Death Domain with the following modifications:

3rd-level domain spell: Replace animate dead with speak with dead.
6th-level domain spell: Replace create undead with antilife shell.
8th-level domain spell: Replace create greater undead with symbol of death.

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