Name Avillion
Titles Farmer Shareloaf, Friend to Strangers, Giving Earth
Alignment Neutral Good
Portfolio Farms, nature, travelers, protection
Worshipers Farmers, travelers, paupers, innkeepers
Depiction Old male farmer
Holy Symbol Plate with a full loaf of bread on it
Domains Animal, Good, Plant, Protection, Travel
Subdomains Agathion, Defense, Feather, Growth, Purity, Trade
Favored Animal Horse
Favored Weapon Scythe

Holy Symbol of Avillion


The world is built on the backs of good, honest laborers, whether they be traveling merchants or toiling farmhands. Those who choose not to labor must ensure that they protect and support those who do. Be thankful to the natural world for the bounties you receive.


It’s said by Avillion’s clerics that Meier was originally a barren rock, broken up only by lifeless oceans. Avillion took ocean water and sprinkled it on the dry land, and up sprung plants. Then plants filled up every corner of land, until not a free patch of ground could be found. Then Avillion picked some plants, and dipped them in the ocean, and they became fish. Finally, Avillion took some fish, and tossed them back onto the land. Some he tossed up into the air and they became birds; the rest fell upon the plants and became animals.

This legend is very popular, but it does contrast with the teachings of Nameless, which say that the Inscrutable One created the plants before the other gods even existed.

Avillion is said to be protecting every honest worker in all of their dealings. Stories about Avillion are usually rather simple, and involve Farmer Shareloaf coming to the aid of a commoner unfairly targeted by an evil god. Wynang is especially Avillion’s enemy, as she wishes to bring random destruction upon innocents. Avillion and Wynang are often said to be brother and sister.


Paladins of Avillion are champions of the common folk. They are typically wanderers who look for anything that might be threatening good and honest people who live on the land, and don’t have big city watches to help them. Offering food and shelter, or temporary employment, to wandering paladins of Avillion is considered a very blessed act.

In cities, Avillion is often venerated as a god of trade and a protector of honest merchants whose regular travel might bring them into danger. Many cities have Jackiv as the trade god instead, however. Farmers especially worship Avillion.

Druids also venerate him as the creator of the natural world. Because of the god’s emphasis on work, druids of Avillion are more likely to leave their wildernesses and engage with humanoid society than druids following other gods. Avillion druids make it their business to ensure that farmers can get good harvests without overworking the land, that shepherds have productive flocks without mistreating their animals, and that civilization does not encroach on the wilds.

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