Name Beuben
Titles Gravetower King, Lord of Lichdom, Supreme Commander of Death’s Army
Alignment Neutral Evil
Portfolio Death, undead, disease, necromancy, power for its own sake
Worshipers Undead, necromancers, generals, evil warriors
Depiction A crown-wearing lich holding a dark hammer
Holy Symbol A skull wearing a lopsided crown
Domains Death, Evil, Magic, Nobility, War
Subdomains Blood, Daemon, Divine, Murder, Tactics, Undead
Favored Animal Crow
Favored Weapon Light Hammer

Unholy Symbol of Beuben


Death is the only destiny for life. It is a source of power for those intelligent undead who know how to wield it, and a weapon in the hands of a competent general. Take whatever power you can by whatever means necessary, for the world is built on power and death.


Common knowledge is that Beuben is first amongst all the evil gods. His power is so great that none dare challenge him. For his part, he seems content to rule over his undead, rarely interfering with the doings of other gods.

Beuben is the anti-hero of the myth of Dilmun. According to this myth, Beuben was once the benign god of construction and towers, before he was maimed by a terrible Monster which threatened all the gods, and trapped in a state of half-life. Some people, mostly dwarves, still worship him as a god of building.

Beuben is master of the Gravetower, an impossibly high fortress somewhere in Abaddon. There, he trains his vast army, the innumerable legions of condemned souls. His followers say that one day, Beuben will lead this army against the rest of the cosmos, and establish his dominion over all creation once and for all. His followers also say that he, and he alone, decides the time at which every mortal will die, that a strike from his hammer causes a death that even the gods cannot prevent or reverse, and that only Beuben knows how to kill a god.

Other sources speak of a dark prophecy in which another Monster, capable of destroying all creation, will arise. On that day, it’s said that Beuben and his grand army of the undead will step forth to challenge the beast, and that the ensuing battle will plunge the Material Plane into chaos.


There are many cults to the Gravetower King spread across the world. Beuben promises awesome forbidden magic, unbeatable military skill, and all other types of power to anyone willing to worship him and spread death and undeath in his name. He further promises that those who serve him faithfully in life will be the lieutenants of his undead army in the afterlife.

Sometimes, a well-meaning but desperate person will turn to Beuben worship, in the hopes of using the power he grants for the greater good. Sometimes, they even seem to get away with this. But good clerics promise that in the end, such pacts will always turn to corruption, whether it takes years or decades for the darkness to be shown.

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