Boca Freemund

Boca Freemund (274 – 328) was a Gardish explorer credited with the discovery of an enormous island chain far to the south of Occident.

Little is known about Freemund’s early life, except that he was born in Chester in 274 OC, and had spent at least part of his young life under the tutelage of the clergy of Jackiv.

Boca Freemund, in 313, claimed to have received a divine vision commanding him to go south and seek a land untouched by civilization. Not having the funds for a major journey, he began seeking a patron for his voyage.

At the time, conventional wisdom held that the world was a dome, extending infinitely to the south, covered in nothing but water except for Occident, Orient, and the Apex of the World. The further south you went, it was believed, the hotter it would get, without limit — after all, the Sun was always to the south. Therefore Freemund found no backers. Nobody thought there was anything to the south to find, and even a ship with magical access to food and clean water would, people presumed, eventually burn up from the heat.

Laughed out of every court in Gard, Freemund turned to Arcland for support. He somehow won over the Arcish queen, who lent him supplies, a crew, and a pair of ships, which he called the Siren and the Sainted Whale. He sailed south from Arcland in 315, and made landfall on an island that he named Surisp, proving that there was land outside of the Old World.

Boca Freemund spent the rest of his life exploring the island chain that would come to bear his name, the Bocan Islands. He founded a number of colonies for Arcland, although he fell out of favor with them after being accused of heresy. He ran out of money very soon afterwards, and was even marooned on one of the islands for several months in 321 with part of his crew. He was picked up again later that year and put on trial in Arcland for heresy and fraud. In the end he was acquitted. He set sail for a new expedition in 323.

In 328, Boca Freemund died of a disease native to the islands he had discovered. His final resting place is on the island of Tígiama, where he died. In his last letter home, which has been widely reproduced, Freemund lamented having ever left the Old World, cursed the tropics, and proclaimed that he should have been a farmer instead.


Recently, many followers of Jackiv have taken to venerating Boca Freemund’s spirit as a herald of the Wandering Lord. This practice is strongest in Lasant, but has begun to spread to Arcland and Gard. This cult within the faith of Jackiv also claims that Freemund’s final letter was a forgery, designed to conceal the fact that Freemund had been deliberately sent to an island that could never sustain a colony. The Arcish did this, so the story goes, because Freemund won his support from the queen of Arcland in the first place by seducing her and discovering in the process that she was a dragon. The rulers of Arcland deny this, obviously.

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