Character Creation Rules

The rules on this page govern character creation for this campaign. Please contact the GM if you have any questions.

These rules apply to the Spring 2016 campaign.

Character Rules

This campaign will close out this series of adventures in the world of Meier. It will also be a high level campaign. As such, I strongly recommend reviving one of your previous characters for this epic conclusion! If you do, you gain a finale perk (see below)!

Your character has probably done much additional adventuring and training since their previous quests. As such, you may completely rebuild your characters stats from scratch, according to the following rules.

  • Level 17.
  • Ability Scores 20 point buy.
    • This calculator may be helpful.
    • Don’t forget that you have four +1 bonuses to add to your skills from leveling up after spending your 20 point buy!
  • Race Should be the same race as before. If your character was reincarnated, you can keep the reincarnated race or the original race, your choice. You gain all the features of that race.
  • Class You may retrain your character’s mix of classes however you wish in any core, base, alternate, hybrid, or unchained class from Paizo except for summoner and antipaladin.
  • Alignment Any good or neutral. Evil alignments are not allowed without permission from the GM. Need not be the same alignment as previously.
  • HP First die maximized, then average rounded up.
    • Example: If your hit die is d8, you get 8 HP for first level, and (4.5 rounds up to) 5 HP for every level after that. Don’t forget to add your Constitution modifier, and possibly favored class bonus, to the HP you get at every level.
  • Skills This campaign will use the background skills skills system from Pathfinder Unchained.
  • Traits Two traits. It is recommended that at least one trait be chosen from Faction Traits, Religion Traits, or Regional Traits. You cannot take more than one trait of any one type (combat, faith, regional, faction, etc.).
    • If you upload a story about what your character has been doing, your character gains a third trait.
  • Wealth Start with 410,000 gp, no more than half of which may be spent on any single item. You keep any gold you don’t spend on items.
    • If you start with an item crafting feat, such as Craft Wondrous Item or Scribe Scroll, you may spend no more than 25% of your starting wealth on crafted items. This amount increases to 50% if you start with two or more item crafting feats.
  • Deity All deities allowed; see Deities of Meier.
  • GM Bonus Points You may gain GM bonus points even before the campaign officially begins; see GM Bonus Points for details. If you played in the previous campaign, you retain any GM bonus points you had left over. However, you do not retain any benefits from spent GM bonus points, such as an NPC friend.
  • Source Material You may use any material from the d20pfsrd except for:
    • Material from third-party sources (anything other than Paizo)
    • Anything from Technology Guide
    • Religion traits
    • Regional traits
    • Campaign traits
    • Anything else excluded under “Exclusions and Alterations” in the House Rules.
  • Other Options You may use any of the material from the Character Options page on this wiki, including homelands, deities, languages, and exclusive new traits, prestige classes, items, and domains!

We will try to get to level 20 in this campaign!

Finale Perks

As long as your character has been in a previous campaign, you may also select one of the following special perks.

  • Artifact You gain possession of an artifact. This must be either an artifact you possessed in a previous campaign, or another minor artifact. You must get GM approval in either case, as some artifacts may be too powerful to be allowed.
  • Astounding Skill Choose a skill in which you have ranks equal to your character level. Instead of rolling 1d20 for that skill, you roll 1d30. You may take 15 in place of taking 10, and may take 30 whenever you could take 20 (if you spend 30 times as long).
  • Intelligent Item You gain an intelligent item. This may be an item you possessed in a previous campaign, or a new one. You and the GM create the item together. Its maximum ego score is 12. You pay for the base item as normal, but not the additional price for the item being intelligent.
  • Legendary Training You gain 2 additional bonus feats. You must meet all requirements for these feats as normal.
  • Ultimate Abilities You gain two +1 bonuses to your ability scores. You may apply them to two different ability scores, or to the same one for a single +2 bonus. These bonuses stack with everything (like bonuses from leveling up).
  • Wealth Beyond Imagining Your starting wealth increases to 500,000 gp.

Character Creation Rules

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