Character Options

This page contains links to a number of Meier-specific options for your character, including deities, homelands, traits, and prestige classes.


Every character should have a patron deity – please see the following pages for information on the main gods in this world. It is not required to have a patron deity, but you cannot take religion traits without one, and cleric, inquisitors, and paladins must have patron deities except with GM approval.


You should know where your character grew up. For this campaign, your character will come from one of the 12 great realms of the Empire of Gard:


In addition to standard Pathfinder languages, the following languages are spoken in various regions of Meier:


As described on the Character Creation Rules page, every character gets two traits at character creation (or three if you upload a bio). In addition to the combat, equipment, faith, magic, race, and social traits from the d20pfsrd, you may choose from the following new traits. For this campaign, at least one of your traits must be a new trait from one of the lists below.

Prestige Classes

Prestige classes allow characters to advance by taking new and incredible powers unlike those available to others. Unlike other classes such as barbarian and wizard, characters must meet specific requirements before they can take their first level of a prestige class.

Most prestige classes are legal for play in Meier, but some are not, and many have altered requirements. In addition, there are some new prestige classes specifically for the Meier setting. For more information, see:


The items page of this wiki lists some items found only on Meier. Any item tagged “for sale” may be purchased or crafted.


Any options on the following pages are legal for play, subject to the listed prerequisites.

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