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Current Date

The current date is Duober 23, 478 OC.

Notable Dates Throughout History

All dates are given using the BP/OC style; see Occidental Calendar for more information.

  • ca. 4000 BP1: The earliest known signs of human life in Occident are believed to date from this period, following cave drawings of humans found in what is now southern Arcland.
  • ca. 2500 BP: The nation of Idiya is formed sometime before this date. At its peak, Idiya covers almost half of Occident.
  • ca. 1700 BP: The nation of Idiya dissolves into separate states sometime before this date.
  • ca. 1200 BP2: Gideon City is founded, beginning the era of Gideon.
  • ca. 1100 BP3: An ambitious senator by the name of Gul Eeron Vort, who had proclaimed himself dictator-for-life of Gideon, is slain by a small band of heroes. One of the heroes is declared emperor by popular acclaim, marking the end of end of the Gideon Republic and the beginning of the Gideon Empire.
  • ca. 1000 BP: Gideon is believed to have reached its height during this period. The empire stretches from the east coast of Occident to the west coast, and from the southern coast to the northern coast, leaving only the northwest of the continent free from its control.
  • ca. 800 BP4: The god Avatrunei sends a series of five scrolls of law, known as the Scrolls of Avatrunei, to provide a framework to stabilize the empire. Gideon becomes an imperial theocracy, but the rulers prevent the release of the fifth scroll to the public, and hide it.
  • ca. 550 BP: Facing mass revolt from his overseas colonies in what is now Freedland, and fearing spread of the rebellion to Occident, the Emperor of Gideon activates an artifact which banishes the entire continent of Freedland into a hidden demiplane.
  • ca. 540 BP: The Emperor of Gideon, desperate to avoid a massive revolution, proclaims himself a living god. Direct worship of the Emperor becomes the primary form of religion in most of Occident.
  • Sectember 1, 417 BP: The Empire of Gideon collapses overnight, ushering in the Age of Conflict. Anarchy, poverty, war, and chaos consume Occident. This is also said to be the year in which Jackiv ascended to godhood.
  • 54 BP: Seeing the chaos wrought by the Age of Conflict in Occident, the dragons decide to covertly take over several of the most successful kingdoms of the period.
  • Triember 4, 0 OC: The Pact is signed between the four largest powers in Occident, ending the Age of Conflict and solidifying the rule of dragons over the continent. A similar event takes place in Orient during this same period.
  • Undecember 13, 231 OC: After a tragic civil war, Lasant is reorganized from five semi-autonomous kingdoms into an empire composed of three queendoms, presided over by the rule of Vymacosuenta from the palace city of Treen.
  • Duober 2, 315 OC: Boca Freemund sets sail from Arcland and discovers what are now known as the Bocan Islands.
  • Duober 21, 397 OC: The king of Urst, red dragon Lofferyinburantor, dies. He is replaced by King Ossesugros, who moves the capital from Cuthburg to Tabras.

Recent History

  • Quatober 9, 449: A volcanic eruption is triggered on Campierno, preventing the release of a dangerous Tarrasque-like monster, thanks to the crew of the good ship Starlight.
  • November 9, 451: The dragons reveal themselves to the public as rulers of the world in a peaceful ceremony. Thanks to the efforts of a band of undercover agents in Silverstream, a global bloody uprising is prevented, but the Human’s Revolution begins in Gard within weeks.
  • Sectember 24, 454: The Human’s Revolution in Gard ends peacefully.
  • Unumber 11, 456: The colonial war between Arcland on one side and Gard and Lasant on the other ends with a new peace treaty, which outlaws privateering in the Bocan Islands.
  • Duodecember 7, 456: The continent of Freedland is released from a pocket dimension and restored to the surface of Meier, thanks to the crew of the Freewater.
  • Duodecember 13, 456: Rumors of a place called Freedland start circulating in the Old World. The song “Undiscovered Realm” is written about it.
  • Duodecember 25, 456: A rescue ship comes to retrieve the crew of the Freewater. A wizard on the ship sends confirmation of Freedland’s existence back to Gard.
  • Tridecember 30, 456: On the last day of the leap year, the wizards of Eustace open a portal to the place where the Freewater had been aground, beginning the construction of Dragonfall.
  • Sectember 12, 458: Magical construction in Dragonfall is suspended, because buildings were being erected faster than they were being bought. Construction on the temple to Avillion continues.
  • Quintember 27, 459: In Dragonfall, a major holiday celebration is disrupted by a demonic attack. All contact between Dragonfall and Eustace is lost for over two months.
  • October 5, 459: The defenders of Dragonfall successfully repel an invasion of reptites, led by a vengeful loa, and thereby ensure Dragonfall’s survival as a colony of Eustace.
  • Unumber 29, 464: Privateers from Gideon City successfully sack the town of Dragonfall after a sneak nighttime raid. The Archmages refuse an offer from Rommestilanis to intervene.
  • Duober 22, 464: Eustace recaptures Dragonfall from the Gideoner privateers after a short but intense battle, summarily executing prisoners at the conclusion of the battle. Relations between Eustace and Gideon City drop to their lowest point in living memory.
  • Triember 2, 467: War is renewed between the Empire of Gard and the kingdom of Arcland. Lasant, in a departure from earlier conflicts, proclaims neutrality.
  • October 4, 469: The huge October Hurricane slams Gideon City, doing huge amounts of damage and disrupting life throughout the metropolis.
  • November 24, 469: A festival is held in Gideon City as the legendary Fifth Scroll of Avatrunei is recovered, and the villains responsible for the October Hurricane are defeated.
  • December 12, 469: Emperor Rommestilanis presents to the other brass dragons evidence that the Archmages of Eustace provided material aid in the form of an artifact molder to the Surzul and the Snake of Sevens. In response, he appoints his great-grandson Varlimorati Prince of Eustace and commands the Archmages to defer to him.
  • December 14, 469: The Archmages refuse to allow Varlimorati entrance to the Towers of Erudition, and have a brief but decisive battle with him in the sky above North Almond. Varlimorati is forced to return to Gideon City, and the Emperor declares Eustace in rebellion.
  • Unumber 1, 470: On New Year’s Day, King Rehemut attempts to abdicate the throne of Chester, declaring that humans should rule themselves. Emperor Rommestilanis personally flies to Fachester to force Remehut to stay on the throne.
  • Quatober 23, 470: Bloody riots claim the lives of the leaders of the Deep Earth Mercantile, a mining guild in Pecsmuth. Marquis Svenerar calls on the Imperial army to restore order.
  • September 1, 470: After months of anti-dragon unrest, Princess Giternmytorax of Claysaw declares martial law in Clemburg. Over the next month, she is forced to return to Lifewell and later Gideon City by militia equipped with magical weapons from Eustace.
  • October 1, 470: A fleet of Eustan craft blockade the port of Castrum, inciting more riots there. Marquis Svenerar attempts to destroy the Eustan fleet personally, but goes missing during the battle.
  • December 2, 470: A three-way naval battle between fleets from Gideon City, Chester, and Arcland is fought off the coast of Campierno. The Arcish fleet wins the battle.
  • December 24, 470: The Council of Cadriyal puts forth a declaration that the people of Cadriyal no longer wish to be associated with any part of the Empire of Gard. The declaration does not have the force of law.
  • Undecember 17, 470: A truce is signed between Gard and Arcland. The two realms still technically remain in a state of aryte, and privateering continues in the Bocan Islands.
  • Unumber 24, 471: A Gardish peace summit begins in Gideon City, in a last-ditch attempt to prevent civil war in the Empire. Some travelers arriving for the summit report that the town of Nursetrail has been destroyed, apparently by fire.
  • Unumber 26, 471: The peace summit is interrupted by apparent assassination attempts on the representatives from Pecsmuth and Chester, and a civil war between the realms begins.
  • Duodecember 29, 471: In North Almond, a group of adventurers kills Cacoglos, the avatar of Yetzahara, who had provoked the war. Cacoglos’ death also destroys the source of the Archmages’ mythic power. The Archmages quickly call for a truce.
  • Sectember 24, 472: A final settlement is reached between the rebellious realms of Gard and the Emperor, under arbitration by the Serene See. Rehemut is given the title of Protector of Chester, the Archmages retain Eustace but must begin implementing social reforms, and other realms return to the Empire with dragon rulers.
  • Undecember 1, 473: In order to raise money to pay off debts resulting from the arbitrated settlement, the Archmages sell Edred Pendicott 200,000 square miles of land in north Freedland, near (but not including) Dragonfall. The vast majority of this land remains uncharted and unexplored.
  • Unumber 28, 477: Archmage Lazulum steps down as mayor of Dragonfall. Instead, he and the other Archmages declare Lazulum’s apprentice, Goldbow, to be Lord of Dragonfall and Eustan Freedland.
  • Triember 20, 477: The Dragonfall Six liberates Dragonfall from the influence of Lord Pendicott, and inadvertently breaches Tiamat’s prison using The Golden Instruments of Amatti.

1 Human life first arrived on Occident in 4383 BP according to cryptohistorians

2 1555 BP according to cryptohistorians

3 1191 BP according to cryptohistorians

4 774 BP according to cryptohistorians

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