Deities of Meier

These are the gods who are worshiped by those who live on Meier. Although other gods exist, these gods are the most powerful and most commonly worshiped across the world. Please see an individual deity’s page for more information about that deity, but remember that the true nature of the gods is a mystery, and much of what is presented in mythology is no more than fable, legend, or guesswork.

Thanks to blashimov for the holy symbol images.

Name Title Alignment Favored Weapon Domains
Avatrunei Eternal Judge LN Warhammer Death†, Law, Moon*, Repose, Weather
Avillion Farmer Shareloaf NG Scythe Animal, Good, Plant, Protection, Travel
Beuben Gravetower King NE Light hammer Death, Evil, Magic, Nobility, War
Dilentu The Boy at Play NG Iron brush Artifice, Earth, Good, Pleasure*, Trickery
Exene Patternweaver LN Rapier Artifice, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune
Hiropeh Moonbeam Knight LG Scimitar Glory, Good, Law, Liberation, Moon*
Hylaeos Master of Revels CN Longbow Chaos, Charm, Magic, Pleasure*, Trickery
Ielda Princess of Serenity NG Sap Charm, Community, Good, Healing, Knowledge
Ilumot Hidden Master LE Switchblade Evil, Knowledge, Law, Rune, Trickery
Jackiv Pathwalker N Swordcane Glory, Healing, Human*, Travel, Water
Kyon Champion of Champions CG Chakram Chaos, Fire, Good, Luck, Strength
Lotheria Liberty’s Angel CG Longsword Air, Chaos, Good, Liberation, War
Mayacidow Mistress of Sorrows NE Kukri Darkness, Emotion*, Evil, Madness, Water
Nameless Inscrutable N Gauntlet Air, Luck, Plant, Repose, Sun
Poktlarok Allhater CE Flail Chaos, Evil, Fire, Madness, War
Saralek Bitter Empress LE Halberd Evil, Human*, Law, Nobility, Protection
Sidarch Peacebuilder LG Greatsword Community, Good, Law, Nobility, Sun
Uar Lady Ragebear CN Earthbreaker Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Emotion*, Strength
Wynang Devastatrix NE Greatclub Destruction, Earth, Evil, Luck, Weather
Yetzahara Call To Sin CE Battleaxe Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Liberation, Pleasure*

†Uses the “Pharasma-friendly” death domain from the Paizo blog (see deity page for details)


OOC Note

The Meier setting is based on OGL Pathfinder content only and therefore does not include any gods or planes of Paizo’s Golarion setting.

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