Dragonfall is a large town on the northern coast of Freedland. It is a colony of Eustace, a Gardish realm.


In 456 OC, explorers from the Freewater released the continent of Freedland from the demiplane in which it had been trapped for a millennium. The Freewater itself was destroyed in the event restoring the continent to this reality, leaving the crew stranded. Fortunately, a pair of powerful heroes from Morgan also found themselves on the new continent, and they had the ability to teleport. They went back to Morgan and sent for a ship to rescue the Freewater crew.

Before the ship even made it to the new continent, the word of new lands traveled quickly north. Many adventurers and enterprising merchants sought royal permission to colonize the new continent. Due to a popular song, the continent of Freedland became known as the “Undiscovered Realm”, and public interest in it grew. However, few were willing to make the voyage to Freedland to found new settlements when there were well-established cities and ports in the Bocan Islands already for those who wished to leave the Old World.

The Archmages of Eustace, however, decided to build a colony in this new world, and quickly committed great resources to it. They discovered that the place where the crew of the Freewater battled the Pirate King was also the closest point on the continent to the new vanished Fountain of Youth, and as such, it was rich with magical energy. Taking advantage of a place where planar boundaries were still weak, they opened a permanent portal from that place, now the center of Dragonfall, to the Eustan capital of North Almond.

The mages of Eustace quickly constructed an entire town in Freedland, using magic to put up enough buildings to make a small town in about a year. They also took advantage of the first stable portal between the Old World and the New World to move colonists to this new town quickly. Within two years, Dragonfall had a population of about 3,000 and the infrastructure of a small city.

In 459, the portal to North Almond was corrupted by demonic influence, and had to be shut down for two months while repairs were made. During this time, adventurers from Dragonfall encountered native races of reptilian humanoids, known as reptities, and their nearby city of Atolhua. When the adventurers intervened in a mass sacrifice of human slaves, they greatly offended the reptites. An attack from Atolhua came against Dragonfall soon afterwards, but was repulsed.

Five years later, in 464, another attack came. Following years of icy relations between Eustace and Gideon City, Gideoner pirates sailed in and sacked the town. The attack was completely unexpected and quite brutal. For more information, see Sacking of Dragonfall.


According to town records, Dragonfall is named for a nearby waterfall seen on Mount Elric. The top of the waterfall has a rock that looks vaguely like a dragon’s head, so that it seems the dragon is breathing steaming water.

The locals tell a different story. They say the town is built near the site where a red dragon, calling himself the Pirate King, found his ship stranded on a mountainside, and came under attack by his enemies – eventually being cast down by a dwarf riding a giant bat. It may sound incredible, but the locals insist it’s true.

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