Dragons, mightiest of Meier’s mortal creatures, are the rulers of the Old World. Each of the 10 major nations of the world is ruled by a different type of dragon.

This page is about the 5 metallic and 5 chromatic dragon breeds, which are the only types considered “true” dragons on Meier. Primal dragons and imperial dragons are not known by those names, nor are they known to exist outside of Freedland. They do not gain the Meier dragon template described below.

Dragons in Society

Dragons have completely dominated the aristocracies and monarchies of the Old World since the signing of The Pact, in year 0 of the Occidental Calendar. This fact, however, was kept a closely guarded secret for 451 years, until five years ago, when it no longer became viable to hide the truth any longer. In that year, all the kings, queens, lords, and ladies of the world revealed themselves as dragons in human form. Although there were a few attempted revolutions, in general most people have come to accept this state of affairs for the moment.

The dragons themselves have begun selecting humanoid advisors to help them relate to (or control) their subjects. This has provided a new path for humanoids to attain positions of great political power in the Old World. In the New World, most places are still ruled by humans, the major exception being Avirre Tove.

Draconic Rulers

The following chart gives the names and colors of the dragons who rule the world’s 11 most influential nations:

Nation Dragon Type Ruler
Arcland Blue Ispexidronasher
Gard Brass Rommestilanis
Lasant Silver Vymacosuenta
Urst Red Ossesugros
Songae Bronze Catsobataerelex
Kampsha Gold Ngdammaccalev
Kamto White Chritchnekesk
Shraa Copper Singolajabaljab
Cipok Green Opoalnofalen
Pin-Tu Black Twaquensna
Gomina Gold Thegominotus


In Meier, possessing items made of dragonhide is almost unheard of. Druids interested in heavy armor solutions should consider the ironwood spell. Permanent masterwork armor made of ironwood is often available, and costs double the price of regular armor of its type.

Meier Dragon Template

Dragons on Meier are stronger than in some other quadrants of the multiverse. All true dragons on Meier gain the following template:

Advanced Sorcery (Ex): The effective sorcerer caster level of Meier dragons, including number of spells known and cast, is 2 higher than that of standard dragons.

Bonus Feat (Ex): Every dragon gets a bonus feat. The dragon must meet all prerequisites for this feat.

Change Shape (Su): Any very young or older dragon can assume humanoid form three times per day as if using alter self. This applies regardless of the original size category of the dragon. Specific individuals cannot be duplicated, but a dragon may select humanoid forms with great precision.

Extreme Toughness (Ex): A true dragon has the maximum possible hit points per hit die.

Free Choice: Although most dragons on Meier stay true to their color’s characteristic alignment, deviations from this alignment are not unusual.

Powerful Soul (Ex): A dragon counts as having a number of extra hit dice equal to its age category for the purpose of effects relating to number of hit die, not including the special attacks or qualities of the dragon itself. (So this does not affect save DCs of draconic abilities, but it would affect their hit dice for the purposes of spells such as holy word.)

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