Name Duno
Titles The Good Doctor, Healer of Souls, Blessed Lord of Life
Alignment Lawful Good
Portfolio Healing, pacifism, charity
Worshipers Peasants, clerics, healers
Depiction Medicine man with a halo
Holy Symbol Staff ending in a manticore’s tail
Domains Good (Friendship), Healing (Restoration), Law (Loyalty), Travel
Favored Animal Weasel
Favored Weapon Net


Never cause harm to another living being. Stick to your principles above all other concerns, even if you are hated for doing so. The best life is one spent helping those most in need of healing, regardless of whatever else they may be.


Duno is rarely a central character in mythology, although he does appear as a background character often. He has been known to heal archangels and archon lords after terrible battles, and it is said he can even heal the gods, though what this means is quite mysterious. Some people familiar with the story of Dilmun wonder if Duno could even raise Beuben back to the state he was in before falling and becoming the god of undeath, and if so, why he has not done so.

It’s also said of Duno that he has never caused harm to any living thing, even foul creatures like demons and evils. This is the source of his power. If he were to kill anyone, or even harm anyone, Duno’s power to heal would be broken forever. More serious theologians deny this, though, saying that a god’s power can never truly be broken. The truth may always be a mystery.


Although worshipers of Duno seek only to heal, never to harm, his faith is banned in a great many places. Duno’s dogma teaches that one must never turn his back on a patient in need of healing, even if that patient is a criminal or evildoer. Healers who help criminal organizations like the Crowd expose themselves to charges of aiding and abetting a crime. This is why Duno priests are met with suspicion even in good-aligned countries like Lasant. Nevertheless, many poor and impoverished people also owe their lives to the charity of passing Duno healers.

Almost no adventurers worship Duno. While Ielda has a pacifist outlook, she does permit self-defense. Many adventurers see Duno’s extreme nonviolence as near-suicidal in a world containing demons and other fiends.

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