Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth is a mythical artifact, supposed to be located either on some unknown island in the Bocans, or on the proposed southern continent. According to most accounts, the waters of the fountain can duplicate any healing spell, and bathing in them confers true immortality – not the “immortality” of undeath, nor the simple cessation of aging, nor temporal stasis, but real immortality, the inability to ever die.

Although such an artifact seems impossible, it is widely said that the famed pirate Bartemius Moor had a map to the Fountain. Since Bartemius was finally destroyed in 449 OC, the location of that map is now totally unknown.

The Truth

It later turned out that the Fountain of Youth was really a dimensional nexus, sealing away an entire continent in a far corner of reality. The seal was so powerful that excess energy drained into a nearby swamp, empowering the water there with magic conferring immortality. The Fountain of Youth was therefore merely an accident, a byproduct of the horrible magic the Gideon Empire used to prevent the disease of freedom from infecting their shores.

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