Freedland is a newly-discovered continent in the southern hemisphere of Meier. Until 456 OC, the entire continent had been locked in a hidden pocket of reality, having been sent there by the Gideon Empire, which called the place Great Austra. Now, the continent is the site of much eager exploration by the draconic powers of Occident and, even Orient.


Initial surveys suggest that the continent’s northern coastline is roughly half as long as Occident’s. It extends from south of the Bocan Islands west, to the same longitudes as eastern Orient. So far, it isn’t clear how large the whole continent is.

Much of the northern coast of Freedland is warm and lightly forested, with the eastern part of the continent partly mountainous. The interior of the continent is still virtually unknown.

Freedland is in Meier’s southern hemisphere, at lower latitudes than the Bocan Islands. The climate in northern Freedland is generally nice year-round, with the temperature in winter chilly but not uncomfortably so. Winter in Freedland begins in September, the 7th month, which is when summer begins in the Old World. Conversely, when it’s summer in Freedland, it’s winter in the Old World.


As of 459, Gard, Lasant, Arcland, and Songae each have claims to parts of the continent, and have begun building colonies on the mainland of Freedland. Other nations and groups have also claimed part of all of the continent, but these claims are very weak. The nations’ experiences with the Bocan Islands, where early colonization by Arcland put it in a more powerful position from the start, have caused something of a rush for land in the new continent.

The existing colonies are reasonably well-separated, but most of them are around the central part of the continent, to the southwest of Port Heravillia, the southernmost island of the Bocans. There is a large river in that area, and the land around is excellent for sugar and grain cultivation. The most well-developed colony so far, the Eustan port of Dragonfall, is a distance from the others, closer to the eastern part of Freedland, under the shadow of Mount Elric.

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