GM Bonus Points

GM bonus points are special rewards for doing creative or fun things, usually out of character.

Ways to Use GM Bonus Points

GM bonus points may be redeemed in the following ways:

  • Reroll You may reroll any one d20 roll. You can do this even after success or failure of the original roll is revealed by the GM, but you must take the second result, even if it is lower. You may use multiple rerolls on the same check, but every additional reroll costs one more GM bonus point than the last (the first costs 1, the second costs 2, etc.).
  • Commune You may spend 10 minutes in devout prayer or intense concentration to gain the benefits of the commune spell. There is no material or focus component for this, but you may only ask up to 5 questions.
  • NPC Friend You may acquire an NPC friend. This NPC friend has half as many levels as you have (minimum 1) in an NPC class of your choice (adept, aristocrat, commoner, expert, warrior). The NPC will not fight or go into harm’s way for you, but can help by running errands, gathering information, or providing assists on skill checks made while the NPC is around. If you spend two bonus points, your NPC friend has levels in a PC class instead of an NPC class. You may not have more than one NPC friend at a time from GM points.
  • Retraining You may GM bonus points between sessions to retrain your character. For each GM bonus point you spend, you may retrain one feat or one level’s worth of skill ranks. For two GM bonus points, you may retrain one class feature which you had a choice in selecting. You may not retrain a class feature that granted you a familiar or animal companion (for example, a wizard could not trade in a familiar for a bonded item). Any retraining you do must result in a character which could have been built up from first level.
  • Skill Bonus You may turn any one skill into a class skill for your character, or gain a permanent +1 trait bonus to any one skill that is already a class skill. You cannot use this bonus more than once on the same skill. Be advised that trait bonuses to the same skill do not stack.
  • Custom Spell For two GM bonus points, you may invent and immediately learn a new spell. The spell is subject to GM approval, but does not require any skill checks or expenditure of gold. If you have a limited number of spells known, this uses one of your spells known slots. If the spell cannot be cast by your character, you instead get a scroll of that spell. The new spell is permanently added to Meier.
  • Custom Item For two GM bonus points, you may create a new item without meeting the prerequisites for doing so or spending any time crafting. The item is also subject to GM approval, and you must pay half price for the item (as though you had crafted it). You can’t use this to craft an item that’s substantially the same as an existing item, or is just a combination of multiple existing items. The new item will be permanently added to Meier.

Gaining GM Bonus Points

GM bonus points are awarded for being creative out of character, or for roleplaying your character in an especially interesting way. Feel free to alert the GM if you think you have done something worth of a bonus point and have not been awarded one.

Here are some examples of how you might earn GM bonus points:

  • Write a connection story detailing how your character knows one or more other characters before the campaign begins.
  • Write an epilogue explaining what your character does in the aftermath of the previous campaign.
  • Create a banner image for this wiki (994 pixels x 199 pixels)
  • Accomplish an extra task for your faction, homeland, or patron deity (based on your traits chosen)
  • Contribute a page to the Meier Wiki by filling in a red link
  • Draw a picture of a character, monster, or setting in the campaign (if it’s a PC, you must have that player’s permission)
  • Have a birthday since the last session
  • Paint a miniature to represent your character
  • Produce a map of any location in Meier (2 bonus points and possibly more OOC rewards)
  • Roleplay your character in an especially interesting way
  • Sing a song about the campaign and post it
  • Write an additional story about your character

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