Hidden Hoard

The Hidden Hoard is a secret organization organized by the dragons. It is spread across the entire Old World, and has a few agents in the New World as well. Outside of its own members, very few have ever heard of the organization, and even fewer know its true purpose.

The original point of the Hidden Hoard was to assist the dragons in maintaining the vast draconic conspiracy. However, since the conspiracy has been revealed, the Hoard now operates to protect draconic interests in other ways, notably in the clandestine retrieval of dangerous artifacts, and the neutralization of threats posed by organized crime.

The Hidden Hoard is above the law. Its members routinely disregard local laws, because their activities are sanctioned by the dragons themselves. Hoard agents commit theft, murder, and any other number of crimes in pursuit of their missions. Of course, they try to avoid these crimes when possible.

The dragons themselves are not kind to Hoard members. They are required to sign up for life, and yet are never given even the most basic information about the organization apart from what they need to know to accomplish their missions. Hoard members are also usually misled about the size and scope of the organization, and even about its name: many of them believe it is called the “Hidden Horde”, obscuring the reference to the group’s draconic masters.

Depending on the dragons they are working for, they are quite commonly treated as expendable assets. Even silver and gold dragons will sometimes allow a Hoard agent to die rather than risk revealing the existence of the Hoard or compromising important missions.

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