House Rules

Please review these house rules.

OOC/IC Rules

  • Missing Sessions If you are going to miss a session, please let the GM know at least 24 hours in advance. As long as you do this, your character will gain gold for the session as if you had been there.
  • Combat Advice During combat, any advice given to other players must be in-character.
  • GM Bonus Points See GM Bonus Points for full rules on these.
  • Death and Permanent Negative Levels (new) The cooldown to remove permanent negative levels from restoration is changed from one week of game time to one week of real time. Specifically, once you get a negative level removed from restoration, you cannot get another negative level removed by that spell until roughly the same point in time during the next session.

Other Rules Changes:

  • Guns This is a “commonplace guns” world. Firearms are martial weapons, and can be used without penalty by any character proficient in all martial weapons. Early firearms and their ammunition cost 25% of the price listed on the d20pfsrd. However, advanced firearms may not be purchased or crafted.
  • Knowledge Checks in Combat During combat, Knowledge checks may be made only on your turn.
  • Scrolls There is no distinction between arcane and divine scrolls in this campaign.
  • Racial Spells Spells from Advanced Race Guide (i.e. spells like blend that say “Racial Spell” on the d20PFSRD) are available only to members of the race for which the spell was created, except with explicit GM permission if your character has a good reason to know that spell.
  • Researching New Spells New spells may be researched according to the rules at “Research and Designing Spells” here. Researching new spells is encouraged, but should be discussed with the GM.
  • Prestige Classes Most prestige classes have added or altered prerequisites, and some do not exist in this setting. This should not make it harder to take prestige classes, but it may require your backstory to reflect specialized training, or for you to complete a certain task in character. For details see Prestige Classes.
  • Age Bonuses/Penalties Not used in this campaign. Your character may be any age.
  • Reloading Firearms A character able to reload firearms as a free action may not reload firearms more than twice per round. This number increases to three times per round at 6th level, four times per round at 11th level, and 5 times per round at 16th level. This is a guideline and may be altered at GM discretion under special circumstances.

Exclusions and Alterations:

  • Non-Paizo material is not allowed except with GM permission.
  • No material from the book Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide is allowed.
  • The use of alchemical power components is not allowed.
  • The use of preconstructed spellbooks is not allowed.
  • The Juju oracle mystery is not allowed.
  • Sin Magic Specialist wizards are not allowed.
  • The Leadership feat is not allowed.
  • Dweomer’s essence is not available for purchase.
  • Story feats are only available to characters with a written backstory.
  • The Butterfly’s Sting feat can only be activated once per round.
  • Drawbacks are not allowed.
  • Hero points are not used in this campaign; all spells and feats referring to them are not allowed.
  • The spells apparent master, blood money, disable construct, and suppress charms and compulsions are not allowed.
  • The spell burst of radiance deals only half damage to evil creatures who succeed at the Reflex save, and the blindness or dazzled condition created by it lasts for 1 round.
  • The spell identify can be cast after attempting a Spellcraft check to identify a magical item’s properties using detect magic. This retroactively adds the +10 enhancement bonus to the result of your previous Spellcraft check for each item you use identify on, but otherwise does not allow you to alter your previous rolled result.
  • The spell reincarnate does not revive a creature who died of old age, and it creates a new body of the same relative age as the old body. No effect available to mortals can revive a creature who died of old age. All animals, dragons, humanoids, magical beasts, monstrous humanoids, plants, and vermin age and eventually die, and many fey and outsiders do as well.
  • The spell spiritual weapon uses the primary casting stat of the caster, not just Wisdom.
  • The spells summon monster and summon nature’s ally use the standard summoning lists, with the Ratel added to the summon nature’s ally III list. The “alternative” monster lists for these spells on the are not allowed.
  • The spell track ship has the following restriction: “If the save succeeds, you can’t attempt to track that ship again for at least 24 hours.”
  • The spell unbreakable heart does not suppress or allow saving throws against confusion or similar effects despite reference in the spell’s text, as confusion does not directly force a target to “harm an ally” or “oppose a true ally.” The spell is otherwise unchanged.
  • The item Heritage Book, like an Adventurer’s Chronicle, requires 1d4 full rounds of searching the text to provide its bonus.
  • The item Versatile Vest allows you to remove an item secured to it as a free action combined with a regular move. Otherwise, a secured item must be removed as a move action as normal.

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