Human's Revolution

The Human’s Revolution was a popular uprising in Gard from 451-454 OC. It was triggered by the revelation that Emperor Alec of Gard was actually a brass dragon called Rommestilanis.

Because all of Gard’s realms (except Eustace) also turned out to be controlled by brass dragons, the revolution swept throughout the entire Empire. Despite the name, the revolutionaries had representatives of every race, but nowhere near universal support. There was a pro-dragon faction as well as an anti-dragon faction, and most people chose not to get involved if they could help it.

As an effect of the war, a very large number of Gardishmen and women have traveled south to the Empire’s holdings in the Bocan Islands, which were never under draconic rule and free from most of the ravages of the revolution.

In the end, the Human’s Revolution became very bloody. While most brass dragons felt conflicted about having to fight their own subjects, some grew ruthless. The King of Chester, in particular, entered the fray several times, killing many. He was slain in the final year of the revolution, in a combat so bloody and so decisive for the revolutionaries that songs are sung about it today, even outside of Chester.

The Revolution ended in Sectember 454, with an agreement from Rommestilanis that each member state of the Empire of Gard could choose human councilors to lead it, so long as the final authority rested with a dragon. This agreement, and the fact that Rommestilanis never appeared in the fighting, have somewhat salvaged the brass dragon’s reputation.

After the end of the Revolution, the people who participated in it were allowed to return to their normal lives. However, a small core of revolutionaries calling themselves the Revolutionary Vanguard have refused to acknowledge the peace, and continue to engage in underground activities against the draconic rulers.

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