Name Kryvok
Titles Eternal Inquisitor, Divine Enforcer, The Relentless One
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Portfolio Judgment, Law Enforcement, Hunting
Worshipers Inquisitors, City watchers, Bounty hunters
Depiction Giant made of fire and shadow with full helm
Holy Symbol Black glaive blade ringed with fire
Domains Darkness, Fire, Glory (Honor), Law (Judgment)
Favored Animal Scorpion
Favored Weapon Glaive


Crime must be punished, no matter what. Those who try and hide from their punishments are worst of all – stop at nothing to bring judgment to them. In your own dealings, be sure to follow all the laws of a place, including unwritten laws like social norms and traditions


There are a number of depictions of Kryvok in art, and in most of them he looks more like a balor demon than anything else. Indeed, like the balors Kryvok is said to be made of fire and shadow, but unlike them he stands for law above all else. It is said Kryvok is a created god, having been made by Avatrunei or Hiropeh (accounts vary) to hunt down people trying to escape judgment. And that is the only thing he cares about.


Although Kryvok is one of the more well-known of the minor deities, his worshipers are few. His harsh and narrow-minded dogma turns people off. Worse, his demonic appearance in art makes people think of him as a force for evil, when he really isn’t. That’s more than can be said for some of his followers, though.

There is a Lestecha-based cult of Kryvok which doubles as a bounty hunting guild. They are well known for their ruthlessness, but you will never see them violate the letter of the law.

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