Name Laar
Titles Alpha Tree, Tree of Trees, Arbordeus
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Trees, Plants, Armed Neutrality, Harvest
Worshipers Druids, Rangers, Treants, Farmers
Depiction Enormous green tree with many types of fruits
Holy Symbol A green tree set against a rising red sun
Domains Air, Plant, Protection (Purity), Sun (Light)
Favored Animal Squirrel
Favored Weapon Quarterstaff


Respect and honor plant life, but trees above all else. Do not become involved in the quarrels of other creatures, but self-defense (or defense of trees) is honorable and right. The natural-grown bounty of trees and other plants is for you to consume, because you too are part of the life cycle.


Laar is depicted as an intelligent, super-massive tree, and the liege lord to whom all other trees owe homage. In this form it appears in the myths of many other faiths, but it is uncommon for it to be a central character, or depicted as a true deity. The worship of Laar is therefore something of a mystery faith. Details about its deeds and true nature are not shared except among believers.

One of the core tenets of Laar’s faith can be summed up by the claim that trees are a superior lifeform to humanoids. Chopping down a tree is therefore a crime worse than murder. On the other hand, just as humans couldn’t care less about a fight between two packs of wolves, so does Laar care nothing about quarrels between humanoids.


Some idiosyncratic farmers worship Laar, and have gotten particularly good harvests. The problem for farmers is Laar’s insistence that plants not be killed for any reason, limiting them to raising animals and picking naturally-grown fruits. Some druids and rangers also worship Laar, but others criticize Laar’s claim that trees are a superior lifeform as opposed to having a more balanced view of nature.

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