Languages of Meier

Many different languages are spoken amongst the humans on Meier. Here is a list of the major ones.

Occidental Languages

  • Common (Gardish)
    • Lasani is a close dialect of Gardish, and not generally considered its own language. (The differences are similar to those between UK English and American English.)
  • Arcish
  • Urstish
  • Ancient Gideonese (dead language)
  • Idiyan (dead language)

Oriental Languages

  • Common (Kamese)
  • Songai
  • Pin-Tu
  • Shraaji
  • Cipokan
  • Tzu-Dan (dead language)

Bocan Native Languages

Freedlandic Languages

  • Reptite
  • Azlite
  • Pidgin Gideonese (a dialect with a mix of Ancient Gideonese and Reptite)

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