A loa is an entity central to the art and religion of Juju. According to Juju, a loa is a godlike being originating from the World of the Missing, now known as the continent Freedland.

According to Juju lore, a loa can grant spells like a deity. Unlike gods, however, the loa are not simply prayed to, they are served. The loa each have their own personal likes and dislikes, distinct sacred rhythms, songs, dances, ritual symbols, and special modes of service.

If the Juju tales are true, the loa have the ability to possess, or “mount”, a willing servant, referred to as a “horse”. The greatest juju shamans know how to entice loa to possess them as part of a special ceremony, at which point the loa can take part in ritual service, receive offerings, and grant requests.

Beyond what is hinted at in Juju lore, little is known about the loa. Two loa – The Auditor and Tricky- stirred up huge amounts of trouble for Dragonfall in 459. A local group of defenders put the two loa down with much difficulty. Apart from these sightings, though, loa have mostly gone unheard from.

Loa in Syncretism

Loa are seen somewhat differently according to the teachings of Syncretism, the religion of the realm of Vaunoo. This interpretation of the loa does not include the loa ability to mount their servants, and it has a very different set of complex ritual practices. Syncretic loa tend to be very similar to the familiar gods of the Old World, as well – loa in tradtional Juju are less concerned with alignment, and rather more alien.

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