Name Lotheria
Titles Liberty’s Angel, Spirit of Freedom, Unshackled Righteousness
Alignment Chaotic Good
Portfolio Freedom, revolution, the sky, pregnancy
Worshipers Revolutionaries, freedom fighters, pregnant women
Depiction Haloed female angel with longsword
Holy Symbol Longsword passing through two interlocking rings of gold
Domains Air, Chaos, Good, Liberation, War
Subdomains Azata, Cloud, Freedom, Revolution, Tactics, Wind
Favored Animal Osprey
Favored Weapon Longsword

Holy Symbol of Lotheria


Free is the only way to live. Tear down any ruler who does not respect the right of their people to freedom and basic rights, and stamp out slavers and their ilk. Wherever you see potential, such as in the boundless sky or an unborn child, do everything you can to support it.


According to one myth, birds of prey were specifically Lotheria’s invention. Of those, the type of bird most commonly associated with her is the osprey. Some say that sighting an osprey is a sure sign of an impending pregnancy.


Lotheria is predominantly worshiped in Gard. However, a new and rapidly spreading group of faithful in Lasant revere the triune, consisting of Lotheria and her sisters Hiropeh and Saralek. In Arcland, the very mention of Lotheria is heretical, and Arcish inquisitors claim she does not exist, except perhaps as a minor servant of Jackiv.

While Lotheria’s teachings emphasize the potential value of each life and supporting the welfare of each individual, they also have strong martial undertones. Some people find expression of their reverence of Lotheria only in violent uprisings against “oppressors”. This can extend even to the point of terrorism, such as the Sour Scourge.

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